I am departing from Florence to Barcelona tomorrow via Vueling airline. I have to check out at 11 but my flight is at 8 pm. I would like to check my bag at 11am then return to town for a while. Can I do that? I am aware of baggage storage at the train station but I was hoping to reduce the hauling things about. Actually 3of us so3x the hassle. Does anyone know if Vueling will take the baggage that far in advance of the flight?

Posted by Andrea
Sacramento, CA
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Why don't you contact them and ask? It seems you would get a more legitimate answer from Vueling than you would from anyone here. Another option could be that you ask your hotel to store your bags. How are you getting to the airport? If you are taking the bus, the bus station is located very near the train station, so it really wouldn't be out of your way to stash your bag there, finish any site seeing, then get your bags before you catch the bus. I'm not sure how any of this is 3X the hassle if everyone is taking charge of their own bag.

Posted by Janet
Maple Grove, MN
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I personally think it would be more of a hassle to go to the airport, get rid of your bag and then go back into Florence. I am not sure if they would take baggage that far in advance. On a weekend trip to Florence from Rome 2 yrs ago our train didn't depart for Rome till around 7:40 p.m. Sunday evening. Hotel Accademia, where we stayed for the weekend, was more than happy to store our bags for us all day.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Jenny, I've found that some of the airlines don't have staff at the airport until shortly before flights are leaving, so I doubt that you'd be able to check your bags early. As Andrea mentioned, the easiest solution would be to ask your hotel if they'll store your bags for a few hours. Most hotels are willing to do that. If they won't allow that, as you noted there's a Deposito Bagagli at Firenze SMN rail station so you could leave your bags there. However, be sure to note their opening and closing times and leave LOTS of time to pick up your gear, as there may be a huge queue. As you're probably aware, the airport in Florence is relatively close to the city. With three of you, it would probably be worthwhile to use a Taxi to the airport (the fare is a "flat rate" as I recall). Happy travels!

Posted by Jenny
Chapel Hill
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I should have mentioned I am in an airbnb booking - an apartment we have to vacate at 11 am.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Jenny, The additional information certainly helps. I'd still try asking the owners if they'd be willing to store luggage for a few hours. If not, the Deposito Bagagli is probably the most realistic option.

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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Even if the airline desk is open for other flights, most airlines will not open a specific flight for check-in until 2 or 3 hours before departure. As Ken noted, the train station is only a 5-10 minute walk to the center of Florence and many sights.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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They won't allow you to check in so far in advance. Leave the luggage at the apartment or at the station.
Besides the airport is not downtown. It's a waste of time to go to the airport in the morning to leave your luggage and get back into town for the rest of the day and then again to the airport in the evening for the flight.