Herculaneum and archeological museum at Naples

Will use Sorrento as a base to travel to Herculaneum and archeological museum at Naples. Anyone knows how to go to Herculaneum from Sorrento? Is it easy to go to the museum from Herculaneum? By bus or by train? Is it enough to spend 2 hours at Herculaneum? Should go to the museum first or Herculaneum?

Posted by Swan
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The local train (Circumvesuviana) will take you to both places from Sorrento, on the same line. If the weather is hot, maybe go to Herculaneum first. It's outdoors so a morning visit at opening time would find cooler temps. The museum can take as long as you want. A guide could improve your visit. There is a Metro stop near the museum; I think the Metro is easily accessed from the train station in Naples.

Posted by Chani
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According to their websites, both are open until 7.30 p.m. so it should be easy to see both in one day without rushing at either. From the train station at "Ercolano" it's about a 15 minute downhill walk to the site. I'd say at least 2 hours. From the end of the Circumvesuviani train in Naples, take the metro to the museum. In Rick Steves' Italy book, there are clear detailed directions on how to go. It's about 10 minutes of walking to get from the train to the metro, then just a few minutes to the museum. The collections in the museum are extensive, so be sure to leave at least a couple of hours for it (I spent 6).

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Hi Margaret. If you're interested in a guide for both sites, you might contact Pina Esposito (Her e-mail address is annamariaesposito1@virgilio.it). Rick Steves mentioned her in regards to a tour guide for the Archaeological Museum but she also conducts tours of Herculaneum, Pompeii, Capri, etc. I have booked a 2-hour tour with her of the Archaeological Museum for this coming September. I'm looking forward to having someone shed the light on the most interesting ancient artifacts in the museum. Have a great trip!

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Is it true that there is no air conditioning in the train between Naples to Sorrento?

Posted by Andre L.
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There are no air-conditioning on those trains, indeed. Bear in mind, though, that summer heat in Europe is usually dry heat.