I feel silly for asking so many questions recently but everyone has been so friendly and helpful!! I finally have an itinerary, it isn't set in stone but it's close enough to being finished. This is my itinerary, I figured it may help you help me with a budget estimate! June 18- Palermo June 19- Palermo June 20- Palermo June 21- Palermo June 22- Palermo June 23- Palermo June 24- Travel Day June 25- Positano June 26- Positano June 27- Positano June 28- Positano June 29- Travel Day June 30- Rome July 1- Rome July 2- Rome July 3- Travel Day July 4- Cinque Terre (Riviera) July 5- Cinque Terre (Riviera) July 6- Travel Day July 7- Florence July 8- Florence July 9- Florence July 10- Florence July 11- Travel Day July 12- Venice July 13- Venice July 14- Travel Day July 15- Lake Como July 16- Lake Como July 17- Lake Como July 18- Travel Day July 19- Milan July 20- Travel home from Milan International On a budget what would you assume food, hostels, and travel will cost? I am almost debating couch surfing because that wouldn't cost me anything!!! I want to do this on a budget (considering I am a broke college student), but I also want to be able to enjoy myself. Anyway, I have been doing so much research my brain is hurting! Bottom line for 4 weeks how much would you assume the following: -B&B or hostel?
-Food? -Getting from place to place? Train/bus/etc.. I don't need an estimate for the plane ticket I have figured that one out!! Obviously I will need to sit down tomorrow and do more research but I figured I would just ask!!!Thank you!!!!!!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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christina, "Bottom line for 4 months how much would you assume the following" Could you clarify this line. Your trip appears to be about one month. Where does the "4 months" come from????

Posted by Swan
Napa, CA
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Do you mean 4 weeks? If you stay in hostels and eat cheaply, 100 USD a day might be a comfortable amount for your expenses including travel.

Posted by gerri
lexington, il
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Agree with Swan, 100/day. For Trains trenitalia.com. If you book online your trips would be around $250. Hostels venere.com In Rome check out the-beehive.com $40-50/nite average Don't use Positano as a base...too expensive. Use Sorrento instead Figure food @ $25-35/day Museums & transportation $15-20
Plan higher rather than running out of $$...estimate $3500

Posted by Roberto
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Looks good. Do you have a car in Sicily? If so you could try to fit a couple of days in the East (Taormina, Siracusa?) and fly out of Catania. Not sure if doable with public transport. I only used a car in Sicily. One problem you might find is getting to Palermo from California. Only Alitalia, among the traditional airlines, flies to Palermo. Most are European low cost. An alternative is to start with Rome (lots of options to Rome from the US). From Rome go to Positano. Then fly from Naples to Sicily. From Sicily you can then fly to Tuscany where you can resume your itinerary. Pisa is near the Cinque Terre and there are flights from PMO -PSA. Volotea also flies from PMO to Florence and Alitalia from Catania. See what you can find. Go to Wikipedia, enter Palermo airport, and see in the destinations section the airlines that fly from Palermo to either Pisa or Florence.

Posted by Monique
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Hi Christina! I figured since you said it wasn't set in stone, there may be a couple ideas that could make the trip less expensive, and if you have explained some of this in other posts - sorry, I missed it! What time of year are you going? Are you traveling alone or splitting costs with a buddy or buddies? That can make a huge difference. Also, seeing as in a couple of cities you are staying for 3 nights or more, have you considered renting a flat? Places like VRBO, HomeAway, Homelidays, AirBnB (a personal fav) and others are great places to find an entire home for your time in a city, or just a private room. Plus you would have a kitchen would goes a long way toward saving on food costs. I am likewise broke (although not a college student so what's my excuse??) but I love traveling and have found so many cost-cutting ways to enjoy myself as much as the next (rich) guy but on my budget and my terms.
Try to remember not to go for thr first thing you see. It may "fit" in the budget, but a little more thought and research and elbow grease goes a long way into finding less expensive yet equally comfortable and convenient alternatives, which can leave you with more money to splurge in other areas. Your itinerary sounds fantastic! Buon viaggi├▓!