Sicily transportation

I'm planning a 5-day stay in Sicily, and have tentatively made hotel reservations in Aci Trezza. My concern is availability of public transportation, as I'd like to make a day trip to Taormina and one to Siracusa, plus I will be arriving and departing from Catania. Would I be better served to make hotel accommodations elsewhere? Thanks so much.

Posted by Zoe
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On the map it looks like Acitrezza is close to Acireale, which may be a better option since it's bigger and probably has better public transportation links. From Acireale you can take a bus to Taormina and another bus to Siracusa with a change likely in Catania, or just go into Catania and take a bus to Siracusa. Personally I think Siracusa deserves at least an overnight, it has several archeological sites/museums that are extensive, and the old island of Ortygia is beautiful. If you like cities more than small towns, why not spend 2 or 3 days in Taormina and 2 or 3 days in Siracusa?