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Hi, I received a charge on my credit card from Hertz in January for what looked to be a traffic violation. I thought I went through one of the Traffic Limit Zones,so I just paid it. Over the weekend, I received a Violation of Highway Code Report, is this an additional bill? Do I have to pay it as well as the charge in Jan? I have an email in with Hertz, US rep didn't have a phone number. I was hoping someone here may give me a faster/better answer. Thanks, Mary

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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I think (and I will be corrected if I'm wrong) that the charge from Hertz for the inconvenience of having to track down your information and transmit it it to the court. The Violation bill is the actual traffic ticket that you owe.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Mary, the bad news is that is the way it works. When you rented your car you agreed that the car rental company could provide your details to the police if you committed a violation. The first charge isn't a ticket - it is the charge you agreed to pay for providing your information to the police when the ticket was sent to the rental place. The second charge is your ticket. You definitely need to pay that one too if you did what they claim.

Posted by Frank
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Sam is correct. The credit card charge that you received was the Hertz's administrative fee for turning your name and address over to the Italian policy. That is cheap compare to the fine that is coming or did come. This a constant discussion on this site. Use the search box and you will find dozens if not hundreds of responses to your question.

Posted by Zoe
Toledo, Ohio, US
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Keep in mind that the fine will increase the longer it remains unpaid.