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$100 Rick Steves Travel Store Credit

Does the tour $100 travel store credit apply only to guidebooks, or does it also apply to travel bags and accessories, etc.? RS website only mentions guidebooks.

I'm planning to book a RS tour (first time) & want to buy 2 bags from RS travel store (currently discounted thru tomorrow (12/15/16). Christmas gift!

Want to use $100 tour credit for bag purchases (if applicable). Thank you.

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Yes, you can use your $100.00 towards anything in the store.

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You may be out of luck if you plan to use them during the sale. It takes several weeks for them to send you the code to use the $100 and my guess the sale will be over. I booked 2 tours about 5 weeks ago and am still waiting for the credits.

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Ray is right. RS will email you a promo code for the credit approximately five weeks after the tour is booked (Ray should be getting his any day now). So you won't be able to use it on this sale. Once you do have the credit, though, it's good for anything in the store. I just received my box o' stuff this week. I'd gotten the credit a while back, but was waiting for the 2017 Italy guidebook to be available, which happened to be Dec. 1. So it was fortunate timing for me.

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My understanding is that once you book your tours, RS will wait until your 30 day free cancellation period ends before sending your credit codes (which of course makes perfect sense!). I called to ask and was told they send it out at five weeks. I booked on 11/14/16 and thinking my code may show up next week some time. Maybe next year I'll time things better now that I know :)

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If you are planning to purchase expensive items, and if you don't need to use them very soon, you could also wait for them to go on sale. There is frequently a good sale around the time of the annual reunion (which is next month.) The $100 credit will last until you use it.

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The $100 credit I received expired the day my trip departed. So it doesn't last until you use it necessarily. :-)

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It's too bad the store doesn't carry Tilley hats, zip leg pants or Teva sandals (with socks of course) because then it would be easy for tour members to spend the $100.