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100 days in Italy

A quick update to those on this forum who helped get me here in Orvieto for my one year Life Sabbatical. Jake and I love Italy! We spent a month on Lake Como(planned to stay 3 nights), Andrea Bocelli concert was magical and so was my introduction to the small towns of Tuscany.

The Veneto is beautiful. Highly recommend hotel Villa Franceschi in Mira about 20 minutes outside of Venice. Owner, Alessandro, is one of the most gracious people I've ever met. Made us feel at home. And arranged for a Tenor (from The Gondoliers) to visit the hotel and sing just for me and Jake. Amazing.

Orvieto is steeped in history and I love living here. Very small town but has every amenity.

I'm now driving just as crazy as the Italians and small narrow roads don't phase me but caused my visiting Dallas friends quite a scare up on Lake Como. The first time coming around a road built by the ancient Romans that is far too narrow for two cars on a cliff can be nerve wracking. If you suffer from motion sickness you won't enjoy driving the major hills of Lombardy region!!!

I quickly gave up on the blog. Just too time consuming. If you would like to follow our adventures send me a private message. I use Favebook and send an email blast through Smilebox about once a month with photos and comments. I post videos of Andrea Bocelli and Lucca the Tenor from The Gondoliers on FB together with short descriptions and photos as we experience new adventures.

Thank you to everyone on this forum for all your help getting us here and the encouragement song the way. I've met one of my RS Travel Forum friends here in Orvieto before she and her husband began their RS tour. Would enjoy meeting more!!!

Have new recipes for octopus, fresh tomato sauce, a fantastic Reggiano Parmesan cheese sauce made with pasta water and course black pepper, and discovered how easy it is to make fresh pasta!

Thank you again!!!

I'm sure I will be back with more questions! Heading to southern Italy when my daughter visits the first of January. Will post questions!

Catherine & Jake (my dog not husband)

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What a great post! Even though I'm not a Bocelli fan (and I'm afraid this creates a shadow of doubt over your judgment on everything!) I cannot tell you how much I admire you for doing this. What a great way to honor your father's memory and to create wonderful memories of your own!

Best wishes for the remainder of your time abroad!

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I am sure that Jake is now very fluent in Italian since we all know dogs are much more adept in languages than humans :). I bet he has even picked up on the different dialects.