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10 Places NOT to miss on a second visit to Rome

I know that first time Rome-ers have too much to do, too little time, etc but for those who come back for more (or those who will stay more than just a few days), here are 10 suggestions for sightseeing in Rome the second time around.

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Great information, even for a first time visitor. Thanks!

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You're welcome! Indeed, i recommend hitting as many of the places on that list on a first visit, time allowing :)

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I went to the Borghese; I wasn't going to initially because Rome was the last few days of our 15 days in Italy. I thought I would be "museum-ed out" by then. But my friend really wanted to go, so we did. I was so glad I did because they had the most amazing sculptures there: two in particular: Apollo and Daphne, and Pluto and Persephone (with Cerebrus!) were mind-blowing. I could NOT believe they were done by hand! No laser-guided, power-driven, CAD mapping stuff here: just pure, raw talent. Bernini was a spectacular craftsman!
Of course, they had a lot of other great things there; but those two really stood out.
My claustrophobia that I discovered I have while climbing the Duomo in Florence kept me out of the crypts/underground tours; otherwise, I'd've done those, too!
I can't wait to go back and see more of Italy. Everything we did and saw was awesome!