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10 days trip to Italy

I'll spend 10 full days in Italy with my husband in Feb. Preliminary thinking: 3 days in Rome, 3 days in Florence (1 full day in Siena & half-day in Pisa), & 2 days in Venice & 2 days in Milan. Any comments on it?

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I agree with Kent. Spend the extra day in Venice. My last trip, I cut Venice short (didn't know any better), so now I am going back.

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I would cut out Milan and spend 3 days in Venice. If you haven't been to Venice before, you will probably regret it later. If you haven't booked flights yet, Venice is a great place to start because there aren't as many must see sights. RS is right, so much of the thrill of Venice is just being there.

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Olive, that sounds like a good timeline. To be honest, I think a full day in Milan is sufficient. You would want to see the Duomo and the Last Supper while in Milan. Venice is underestimated. Many people think that they can do it in two days, but there is so much to see and so many small streets to explore that you will have wished you stayed longer. I stayed for three days in May and wished I stayed longer. One last thing, be careful in Milan around the Duomo because there are pick pockets everywhere. The one day I didn't where my money belt is the day I was taken for 200 euros.