10 days November

I am helping a friend setup a roughly 10 day trip to Italy. They will start in Venice (3nights) and end in Rome (4 or 5 nights) Question: Where can they spend the middle 2 or possible 3 nights. RULES: NO FLORENCE ALLOWED, they do not like museums and would rather spend time in the countryside and maybe vineyards.
They will be using trains between cities so need a small accessible town between Venice and Rome for a nice experience.

Posted by Matt
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Well, the kicker there is "countryside/vineyards" but also "using trains." Are your friends open to the idea of using a car at least one of those days? Because I think any exploration outside the cities would best be done by car. If Florence is out, they might consider Siena. They could spend a full day enjoying the city itself and another day or two using it as a base for day trips to hill towns in Tuscany and Umbria.