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10 days and a first timer with young children

Never been to Europe so I am asking for some guidance here. If you had 10 days to see Italy and/or France and wanted to avoid "Tours" and yet perhaps stay 1 or 2 nights off the beaten path, what would you plan for a great vacation? Wife says Cinque Terre but I want Rome or Paris and to see small town living.
I really appreciate your time.

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If you're travelling with young children the most important issue to keep in mind is that they'll do much better if you stay longer in one place. Pick 2 or 3 locations and explore those instead of trying to cram 8 cities into 10 days.

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See my reply to your other post. Most of us read ALL the posts, Carl.

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It will be bad enough traveling with young children without carting them to a different destination, luggage in tow, every other day. You should establish a couple of "home bases" from which you can take day trips. The Cinque Terre would be a little out of the way for a home base. A good base in Italy would be Florence. From there, you could easily rent a car (from the airport) or take excursion buses or trains to the surrounding hill towns. From Rome, it would require a bit more travel time. Florence would be within easy striking distance of any other city or town in the northern part of Italy.

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I don't think Cinque Terre would be fun would small children, i would do Rome and Tuscany, you stay in an agriturismo in Tuscany that has a pool (if you are going in the summer) and do day trip to Florence, Pisa, Lucca.

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Carl, I just returnded from a 12 day trip with my 9 year old neice. She loved Rome. Especially the Ancient Rome tour with Roman Odyssey Tours. It was like storytime right in the place of the actual stories. There is also a zoo in Rome which we did not have time for.

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Thank you so much for your useful feedback. I have some things to consider before I finalize my visit. I believe I may have to add a few days to avoid over doing it.

I am very happy I came to you guys for advice.