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10 days

We have 10 days in Italy. Any suggestions for adding/eliminating any of the following:Rome, Florence,Pompeii, Capri/Amalfi Coast. The thought for Florence was to stay in Sienna and make a day trip or two into Florence and for Pompeii to stay in Sorrento. My family has already been to and loved Rome & Florence but several others in our group have not been to Italy at all. Any suggestions appreciated!

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You have some experience traveling in Italy, so you know the differences, the drill, etc. IMO you've chosen good destinations for your 10 days. However, I'd strenuously avoid the ever-present temptation to add more destinations, as you're already right on the edge of too much for 10 days, given travel time [edit: Having said the above, I don't disagree with anything in Ken's post below, submitted after my original reply].

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Hi Allison,
I also think that your itinerary sounds good. We stayed in Siena and took the bus to Florence and were very happy with our decision--also stayed in Sorrento and visited Pompeii which worked out great. I love Rome so if I were planning I'd allocate more time to Rome than other areas.
Have a great trip!

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IMHO, trying to fit those four destinations into a 10-day trip is pushing it a bit, especially as they're somewhat "geographically distant" (ie: Florence to Sorrento). Add to that the travel times between the cities, packing and unpacking, checking into and out of Hotels, etc.

Therefore you may only have about two days in each location. If you stay two days in Sorrento, you'll be spending the better part of one day seeing Pompeii and another travelling back and forth to Capri (doesn't leave much time to explore Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast). The same situation occurs with your stay in Siena - if you're going to "make a day trip or two into Florence", that doesn't leave much time for Siena. It also doesn't allow much time for those in your group that haven't been to Rome before to see much of the city or the many historical sights.

If all you want is a very brief look at the four places you've listed, then the trip is certainly feasible. However, it would be a bit too rushed for me!

I'm assuming your flights are to & from Roma FCO? If so you'll also need to allow adequate travel time to get back to the airport for your flight home.

Good luck!

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I am not a texter. Can you please explain what IMO and IMHO mean?

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Heidi: IMO = in my opinion (often used to indicate the poster is aware that what she/he is saying is a matter of opinion or personal preference rather than a statement of fact)IMHO = in my humble opinion (the H is often added facetiously or defensively to indicate the poster is aware that some on the forum will disagree)We could ask Ken what he meant (above) when he used IMHO, I've also seen it used to mean "in my honest opinion", sometimes used when expressing some degree of disagreement with a previous post.These two terms have been around a long time, as long as Ken and I have been around, which is a long time!:)Even though Ken is almost as old as I am, the word on the street is he's the more extinguished...I mean distinguished-looking of the two of us.

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Can I ask you a few questions before giving an opinion? We're just back from 17 days in Italy (a 5th trip for us, the first for our travelling companions). What are your main interests for the trip? Major art and architecture? Food and wine? Relaxing countryside or ocean views maybe a little hiking? Catholic sites?How is your group health and fitness wise? What is your general financial plan-- budget, mid priced, fairly nice, luxury? Are you planning to rent a car, use public transportation or some combo of the two?What are your actual travel dates?