10 day trip through Italy

Itinerary(# of nights): Sorrento-2, Rome-3, Sienna-1-Florece-2, Cinque Terre-1 for 6 adults and one toddler and we're traveling by train in mid-November.
1. Any recommendations on the best places to stay in each of these cities, I'm thinking for the sake of my young niece we'd have to stay close the train station or a central location where it's easy to get around by foot.
2. Any tours or trips we have to book in advance other than the Vatican, Ufizzi, etc?
3. Any tips on traveling with a toddler?
4. Any tips on discount cards like the Roma card for other places?
This will be an adventure for sure so thanks in advance for any advice!!

Posted by pat
cochranville, pa, usa
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While I disagree that the CT isn't worth it I think with your itinerary it would take you most of the day to check out in Florence and check in somewhere in CT. I'd skip it especially in November and with a toddler who will need to be carried most of the time.

Posted by Rosalyn
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Personally, I can't understand the rage for the CT. I think they are overrated and overcrowded. Also, since the weather in November is unpredictable, you might find yourselves there on a chilly, wet day; and there's nothing to do indoors. One night in a place means less than a day. I would stay an extra night in Siena or Florence and do a day trip to one of the Tuscan hill towns. You could find one accessible by bus, or book a day tour.

Posted by SamSn
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
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Skip the 5T due since you only have time for one night there. You will see beautiful coast in Sorrento. Do Siena as a daytrip from Florene to avoid moving hotels - that takes more time than you think.

Posted by Lexma
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You have a lot of moving around for 9 nights; I would probably cut out 2 of your destinations. Especially with 6 adults and one toddler, and schlepping to and from train stations, the moving around will get old very fast. I go along with the rest and suggest dropping the Cinque Terre, due to time constraints and the weather in Nov.

Posted by Jarrod
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If you're permanently in Aviano, Italy then go at a lot slower pace. And only spend 1 night in Florence. You can save around 40-50% by staying more nights in Siena. The CT in November would be a great time to go there because there are far less tourists. But your day will end a lot shorter than other times of the year since you'll only be about 30 days from the Winter Solstice. Sorrento and CT are going to be very similar to you, so it may be best to pick one of the two. Pick the one that has more to do in the evenings since most of a 24-hour day will be in darkness.

Posted by Sue
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You are going to need more than one day for the CT. It cantake a good 4 hours just to get there. We made this mistake and had hardly any time to spend there. It can take 1- 2 days to hike the trails , stop for lunch and enjoy. If you really want to go to the CT allow more time. You will need it.

Posted by Michelle
Aviano, Italy
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Thank you all for the great advice, it seems like we should skip CT (or at least make it a day trip) from our base camp which I'm now considering to be Sienna.
It makes sense not to relocate so often.

Thank you!

Posted by Jo
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Tips on traveling with a toddler. I have done this many times as a military dependent by myself. With 6 adults, you shouldn't have any problems if you keekp a couple of things in mind.

Remember that toddlers still need naps; scheduling traveling time (by train or car) during his naptime will take care of two issues at once. Otherwise, remember to schedule downtime after lunch.

Non-perishable and non-sticky snacks are essential, too. Add a favorite "huggy" and a book, and your toddler should feel secure which equates to content most of the time. Having "calming" foods helps, too, like camomile tea and avoiding lots of sugar and salt.

Also, since you are touring, remember that he won't be seeing anything familiar, so if he is in a stroller, make sure that he doesn't have his back to everyone he knows. Having someone walking by his side will help.

Have a great trip!

Posted by shawn
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We just returned from 10 days in Italy. We spent 3 nights in Florence at the Residenze Il Villino. It is a bed and breakfast. They have 9 or 10 rooms. Breakfast each morning was delicious and Sergio our host was very helpful and just a delight. It is within walking distance to all sights and really very quiet. Only one night with noise and that was with our window open on a Saturday. It's really very charming.

Posted by Bob
Gettysburg, PA
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First of all, THANKS for your service and that of your hubby!

As noted, you are biting off too much of the apple. Since you live in Italy, save the CT area for another time.

The toddler question is a tough call. Assuming that he/she must go, take along a backpack. We hauled our 2 yo son ALL around Europe back in the day.

Posted by Michelle
Aviano, Italy
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Thank you all for all your suggestions, please keep them coming if you have anymore....like a good apartment or some place where all of us can stay together but still have separate rooms. If that's not possible I will look into the lodging suggestions you've already provided.

I appreciate the "Thanks" but my husband deserves the credit he has certainly put in his time, I'm here as his support.