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10 day itinerary set, now looking for some stuff to fill in the blanks

My husband and I are going to Italy next month, and here is our plan (all hotels already booked): Arrive in Rome 9 a.m. on 9/18, stay one night, take train to Naples on 9/19, stay until 9/23, take train (or whatever) to Sorrento, stay one night, hop a train to Bari on 9/24, stay until 9/27, then fly out of Bari. I know it sounds hectic, and it probably will be, but we are so excited for this trip. We went for two weeks last year and stayed in two beautiful villas in Verona and San Gemini, and this time we want to see the south(ish). What I want to know is this: what are your suggestions for places to eat, or special (romantic?) things to do in each of these cities? We spent three days in Rome last year so we know what we're doing there, and I've already arranged for us to take an underground tour in Naples, as well as spend a day in Capri and an afternoon in Pompeii. There are a couple things we want to do in Bari -- Alberobello, for one thing -- but I don't need to see EVERY corner of every city. We want to go, and see, and soak up what we can until the next time. And eat. Mostly eat.

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I love this restaurant in the Quartieri Spagnoli on Vico Teatro Nuovo: Nennella. Also, the Archaeological Museum is one of the best museums in the world. Eat Pizza!!!!!!! Best Pizza in the world can be found in Naples. People here will tell you their favorites, the place in Eat Pray Love, or Sorbillo's, but there are many, many more. Check out the creche makers on Via San Gregorio Armeno.

To get a stark contrast in architectural traditions go to the church of San Chiara and then right across the street the church of Gesu Nuovo.

You can really see the difference in the history of Naples versus cities to its north as Naples was under the control of Normans, Spain, France, etc all through the middle ages until unification, and you can see it in its architecture.

I love Naples

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Thank you, jkc! I am most definitely excited to see Naples. I have marked several things in my guidebooks, including Rick Steves' pizza recommendations and information on how/when to get on ferries and all that. One of the things my husband and I loved most about our last trip was the unpredictability: walking around a city, finding someplace that looked interesting, and going inside. We had some amazing experiences from just wandering, and hope to find more gems this time. :-)

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Hi Danielle, in Sorrento we loved restaurant "Da Filippo", delicious food, full of locals!, our intention was to go to a different restaurant everyday buy, we had to return to this one!!! They can pick you at your hotel, and drop you off after dinner. I wish I could go back any time soon! We also enjoyed "VinoVero" very much... best pizza I`ve eaten.
Congratulations on your trip!