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10-Day Itinerary

Do you think it is possible to fit in Venice, Florence area, Rome and the Amalfi Coast in 10 days in Italy? We want to see the high points in the cities, but not exhaust ourselves in museums, etc....want some time to eat, drink and experience the Italian lifestyle too. Is the Amalfi Coast more picturesque than say Cinque Terre? Is early May still low season? Looking to get the best value we can on flights, etc. but still want to be there in reasonably warm weather. Just beginning to plan...thanks for your help!

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Not in my opinion. I did Venice, Florence, Rome in 14 days and still felt like I could have had a lot more days in each city. It depends on the type of traveler you are, but I'm not a big museum person either and I had no problem completely filling my days (for example, I skipped both the Uffizi and Borghese and went into no museums in Venice except for the Doge's Palace). these cities just have so much to offer and so much to see and do and most of all experience. I have wasted away hours just sitting on a bench in a piazza people-watching. It sounds like you want to experience Italy rather than check off some sights on a list, so I would recommend slowing down, seeing a few places and seeing them pretty well, and vowing to return. I didn't get to CT until my second trip to Italy, and the amalfi coast will be this coming may on my third. You have to assume you will go back :) There are not that many value priced flights out there even in May. however you decide to do it, I would fly into Venice and out of Rome or vice-versa, to maximize your time and avoid backtracking. Most hotels I checked out for my trip this May considered May to be either the middle or the high season, definitely not the low season.

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With a 10 day trip I would limit myself to two cities, probably Rome and Florence. By trying to see 4 cities in 10 days all you'll end up doing is checking into and out of hotels and riding on trains and in cabs. You won't have much time for touring and site seeing and the time you do have will be very rushed. The Italian lifestyle is slow so rushing from site to site and city to city is not the way to experience it. Save two of the cities for another visit and enjoy your 10 days by relaxing. Donna