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10 Day Honeymoon to Italy

Hello Fellow Travelers ,

My fiance and I are headed to Italy the first week of October(10/1-10/9). We are flying to Rome and flying home from Rome. We want to go to Rome, Florence, and CinqueTerre. We need to know how long to stay in each city to see the sites. We want to go the Airbnb route in all cites(unless you all suggest differently). We also need to know the best parts of the city to stay in. Please suggest the sites to see, etc.....

Thank you in Advance,


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If you have not bought the plane ticket you may want to consider flying into Rome and then out of Florence.
That way you do not have to back track. Otherwise I would go straight from Rome on the high speed train to either Cinque Terre or Florence. And then work your way back to Rome. I would stay in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome.

You can watch these videos from Rick Steves shows to get an idea on what you want to see under Italy

You can accomplish your trip easily by train, you should read this site to understand how :

And just ask follow questions

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It would be helpful for you to get a guide book and see what each of your destinations offers so you can decide what sites to see and things to do appeal to you.

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Since you only have one week, I don't see the advantage of AirBNB. If you stay in mid-range hotels you will have the convenience of daily maid service, a front desk with personnel to answer your questions, and other amenities. With AirBNB your experience would be more like that of a "temporary local," which can be nice for a longer stay, but frankly it's not what I would want on my honeymoon. Of course your preferences may be different.

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I agree with the above. I’m a big AirBnb fan. But if I were traveling without kids and on my honeymoon I would definitely do hotels. I doubt you’ll be cooking meal.

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You really need to buy and read a great guidebook. This is what a guidebook is for.

With only a week, you should plan to stay in no more than 2 locations. Otherwise there is no relaxing and constant hange of location, which is not fun. Get the Rick Steve Italy guidebook and read it NOW.

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Definitely no more than 2 locations. You will spend a lot of time checking in and out of hotels/Airbnb, getting to and taking the trains, etc. It's your honeymoon--relax!

Agree with Trastevere for Rome. And Vernazza for Cinque Terre.

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I agree with others who suggest staying in hotels instead of air B&Bs. Also, two stops instead of three would be better.

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Do you speak enough Italian to make dinner reservations? If not, stay in a hotel where the front desk will make reservations for you and give you helpful information on getting around the city.

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If you want to see all three locations and your flight is already booked, this is what I would recommend:

Day 1: arrive at Rome and immediately take the 1-2 hour train to Florence
Day 4: take the morning train to Cinque Terre
Day 6: take the morning train to Rome
Day 9: fly back home

Pick up a RS guidebook of Italy if you don’t already have one - lots of valuable advice that will maximize your experience and answer questions you don’t know, yet. Be sure to validate your train tickets before boarding the trains to avoid huge fines. Enjoy your trip; Italy is fantastic!

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We stayed in AirBNB in CT and loved it! (in monterosso al mare) Stayed 3 nights wish it was longer - we stayed in Old Town - so quiet at night,our AirBNB was just off the main square .. DM if you want details. We truly felt like locals staying here as we could walk down to local bakery in morning to grab breakfast (wonderful bakery in monterosso is wonderful!)

In Florence lots of nice little hotels on Via Faenza, very close to the Duomo - Mia Cara is really nice with good breakfast. That area seems very safe and quiet as well.