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10 Day Honeymoon- Rome, Florence, Como, Day trips to Assisi & Venice

  1. Is this possible?

  2. Super Scared to drive in Italy. Can I do all of this by train?

  3. Should I start South and go North or start North and go South? If I end North in Como Ill be able to relax or should I relax at the beginning of the trip?

  4. Plan on having one nicer hotel and two cheaper apartments. Which city would you stay nicer in?

  5. Does this sound good- 4 days in Rome, 3 in Florence (1 morning waking up very early and going to Assisi and one morning going to Venice), 3 in Como? I love Como so even though most ppl wouldnt spend the time there I really dont want to skip out.

  6. Should I get a travel agent with this type of trip? Am I taking on too much for my first trip to plan?

  7. I have so many questions Im forgetting them all. Ill probably do another post later.

Ive been to Italy twice but always with large groups and never had to plan anything. My fiance has never been before and I want him to see everything. Help!

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I think you're trying to do too much in 10 days. You have 3 days in Florence but you will be spending 2 of them on day trips. Florence needs more then 1 day. Venice is long day trip from Florence, but possible. I would cut out the Assisi & Venice. You can't see everything so enjoy the places you can visit. I would skip the travel agent unless you don't have time to plan the trip with the wedding coming up. If you use a travel agent use one that specializes in Italy - like Bob the Navigator, Sally Watkins or Idyllic Italy. You don't have to be in the same city to use these travel planners - the phone & the internet work just fine. Many travel agents just use the big box hotels that offer them commission - these places have no charm and many times are not even near the sights. With the help of the message board & a guide book you can plan this yourself.

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Andrea, I agree with the others in that you're trying to fit too many locations into a short 10 day trip. Is that the total time you have for your trip? Don't forget you'll lose the first day due to flight times and time zone changes.
With such a short trip, you might want to focus on Lago di Como (2 days), Florence (3 days) and Rome (4 days). Is there any possibility you could get a bit more time?
You can easily do the trip by train, and IMO that would be the best method. You'll have to allow some travel time between destinations, and that's one reason the day trips aren't a good idea on such a short trip.
Depending on flights, you might want to start in the north (flight to Milan) and end in Rome (flight home from Fiumicino). I'd book the flights at a travel agent (Rick does!), but there's no reason you can't plan the trip yourself, using Guidebooks and the net.
Regarding lodgings have you checked Rick's 'Italy' book (I think the '08 version is now available).
Hope this helps.

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If I had only 10 days and HAD to do Rome and Florence, I would start in Rome (get the noise, crowds, and confusion out of the way first, pass through Florence, but only stay a night or two. (What do you want specifically to see/do in Florence?)If it's not the galleries, then skip it. Then go up to Venice for AT LEAST 2 nights, then on to Lake Como (Varenna is easy to get to) to relax in a small place at the end of the stay. You could try and fly out of Milan, which is close to Lk Como. I would definately not do Venice on a day trip from Florence. Too much time on a train back and forth, and the route is not particularily scenic. Venice deserves much more time. Where were you in Italy the last time you were there? Are you seeing the same places?

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I wanted to do Florence 3 days because I was hoping to not have to stay in more than 3 hotels the whole trip. Thats why I was thinking day trips to Assisi and Venice. So really Florence the city would be one day, Assisi, and Venic the third. Fiance is big on not having to carry luggage around and wants it to be very relaxing. Goal for Florence was see David, a couple galleries, and shop. That I think can be in one day- I did it last time I went. Last time I went to Italy, I did Rome, Florence, Venice, Morostica for one day, Milan for one day, and Como. So the only new thing would be Assisi but fiance has never been so I really want him to see these places. Im trying to get him to extend the trip. Do you think its better to stay at a hotel in Venice than to just train back and forth? I really want to do Assisi and if th trip cant be extended, two days in Venice would cut it out entirely. Thoughts? Thanks so much for your helpful response!