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10-12 days in Italy

This is our first trip to Italy. We are planning on staying 10-12 days. I am planning the trip as my husband "will go anywhere". I first thought we would travel to Southern Italy (wanted to be by the beach, Positano, etc.)but have since changed my mind (I think). I am thinking we will stay in Rome for 3 or so nights, then to Cinque Terre (or area close to) 2-3 nights then onto either Tuscany or Venice or both for 3 nights (it does not have to be in that order). I am sort of overwhelmed with all of the options. I am thinking Tuscany/Tuscany Hill towns because I love quaint villiages/towns and farms, etc. We plan to travel by bus/train. It sounds like Tuscany would be accessible via public transportation. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. Any suggestions for great places to stay in Tuscany? We are both 40 and under and active.

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When are you going? If it's July, it's pretty hot in the South, and not as bad as in Tuscany, the CT and Rome. Air conditioning can be pretty iffy in EU hotels, or B &B's. If you're looking at 10-12 days, you might want to skip Venice and stick to the CT(should be warm enough to swim), Florence and Rome.

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Thank You! We planned to go in September but may change our mind to early May or early June. Cycle Oregon (a week long cycling event in Oregon) is in September and we may not be able to turn it down since the route is a good one! Have you been to Venice? Would you go back?

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I would suggest flying open jaw and arriving in Milan and departing from Rome. Milan to Monterosso al Mare (one of the 5 towns in CT) is a short trian ride. The Portland to Milan flight should have you arriving in Milan around 9:00 am, so you have plenty of time to head to CT. Spend 2-3 days in CT and then head to Florence. Spend at least two full days in Florence. from Florence you can catch a bus to places like Siena or San Gimignano and other towns in Tuscany. Then head to Rome to finish off the trip and depart from Rome. I would give yourself at least 4 days in Rome and 4 days in Tuscany, with two full days devoted to Florence.

I love CT and given your active lifestyle I think you will really enjoy it. Hike the entire CT trial for a good workout and some great views. I think it is about a 7 mile hike and well worth it.