1 week before my First Trip to Italy: A few quick questions

(1) How do I use the Roma Pass in conjunction with Borghese? What I mean is if I make reservations online now, and wait until I get to Rome to get the Roma Pass, where is the discount?

(2) The Vatican is best done as a trip in the afternoon (after 1 o'clock) during the high season right?
(3) What time does the Metro shut down in Rome?

Posted by Frances
San Diego
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I had a reservation ahead of time; and paid for the ticket when I arrived at my designated time at the ticket counter. I showed my Roma Pass at the purchase point for the discount.
Hope it works that way for you too.
I loved the Borghese Gallery - fantastic art.

Posted by Debra
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Yes do the vatican in the afternoon, I walked right in last summer at about 1:45 pm, it was a dream :) As for the Metro, things may have changed in the last 10 or so month since my visit, but the line that stops at Spagna and other important places shut down at like 9pm for construction. Needless to say I was tired and overwhelmed on my first night in Rome and was freaking out a little bit when I didn't know how to get back to my hotel from the Spanish Steps at 10pm since the metro was down... luckily I found the taxi stand nearby and all was fine LOL But like I said it may have changed so maybe someone there more recently can say for sure when it closes, because I think normally it goes pretty late. Have a GREAT time!!!!!

Posted by SamSn
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If you pay in advance for the Borghese Gallery you can't use the RomaPass.

The Vatican Museum is best in the afternoon. Try to avoid Saturday if you can.

Metro Line A (Red) runs from 5:30a-10p. Metro Line B (blue) runs from 5:30a-12m.

Posted by Ron
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The times Sam quotes for the metro are correct but do not be surprised of they shut down 30 to 45 minutes early. Happens often. Buses do not run on regular schedules till midnight, then the Night buses take over. Look on the bus signs for times the routes run. For metro info in Rome, CLICK HERE


Posted by Tia
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Borghese: If you are making just reservations on line but not paying, then when get to the Gallery you present your card and get the discount. We had trouble booking on line so we had our hotelier in Tuscany call for us.

Vatican: We were there on a Wednesday at 1pm (less than 1 week ago) and NO line. Unfortunately we had already paid for a tour.

Metro: Depends on what stop, but we were there and one night the Spagna station was closed at 10pm. I think this was not the norm as they were announcing it over the PA system, but I think usually some are open until 11:30