1 Night in Milan or go to Venice

Landing in Milan @ 6:00 AM - plan on seeing the city
Should I spend the night or proceed directly to Venice where we will be based for the next three nights

Posted by Jeal
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Arriving on Saturday and according to my wife - she wants to see The Last Supper and the Duomo - me - I'd just as soon take a train out to the AC Milan football stadium. OH Well, win some/lose some.
Will be taking the train to Venice

Posted by Kent
Pacific Northwest
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The two things on your wife's list are the two things at the top of many travelers' list, at least for those travelers that are not football (excuse me, soccer) fans. You can also see the Galleria, which is next to the Duomo.Advance reservations are mandatory to see the Last Supper. Rick's book Italy 2009 describes how to get the advance reservation. You should do this as soon as you know your date, because they assign you a time slot and given your schedule, the timing of your slot will be important to determining the rest of your day.For most people, jet lag hits in early afternoon and/or after a big lunch--because of this, you may be glad to call it an early day in Milan and catch an earlier rather than later train to Venice.Train travel time to Venice is 2hrs 30mins, station to station. Add for time to get to station, wait for train, etc on both ends.

Posted by Sharon
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Hi Jeal,
If I were you I'd go directly to Venice. From Malpensa Airport you'll take the bus to the Central Train station. It will be early in the morning and not much open yet in Milan plus, you'll be tired! Could you plan to spend an afternoon in Milan to see the Last Supper and Duomo on your way back?

Posted by Jeal
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Since we are landing in Milan so early, we figured it would give us an opportunity to see a little of Milan before going on our way. The thought was we would probably hit "the wall" in the early afternnon so that's why we were torn between just getting a place to stay in Milan or going onto Venice We are planning on a short stay in Venice and then we're on to Rome which is where we will be leaving from

Posted by Frank
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If you're prone to jet lag, then book a room in Milan for the first night. If not, then reserve a midday entry time for the Last Supper. Check your bags at the train station, tour the Duomo/Galleria area, see the Last Supper (light lunch before or after) and take an afternoon train to Venice. You can nap on the train if you're tired. I've flown from Philadelphia to Milan a couple of times and would personally choose to go on to Venice, but again it's not a good option for those who don't adjust well to the time difference.

Posted by Jeal
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Thanks everyone for your thoughts - we're still working on finalizing the trip - does this sound too agressive?

Saturday May 16th – 6:00 AM Arrive Milan (overnight flight)

Sunday May 17th – 10:00 AM Depart Milan for Venice
Sunday May 17th – 12:30 PM Arrive Venice

Tuesday May 19th – 12:00 PM Depart Venice for Florence
Tuesday May 19th – 2:30 PM Arrive Florence

Thursday May 21st – 11:30 AM Depart Florence
Thursday May 21st – 1:00 PM Arrive Rome

Saturday May 23rd – 8:00 Am Depart Rome for Home

Posted by Ron
Carbondale, IL, USA
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This itinerary is doable but very rushed. With the traveling and checking in and out. You really won't have much more than a day in each city for sightseeing.

Posted by Sharon
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Hi Jeal,
Your itinerary is a little rushed but if this your first trip to Italy I think that it's a good overview! Have a great trip!

Posted by Joey
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Jeal ~ I agree with your wife as you should definitely see The Last Supper & The Duomo. I would eliminate Florence from your itinerary, so you can see more of Rome. Venice is a very magical city & deserves more time in my opinion, but your itinerary should be based on your interests. To avoid jet lag sleep during the flight, drink a lot of fluids & upon landing start your day without a nap. Works for me everytime! My itinerary suggestion:
Sat 16th Milan (1 night)
Sun 17th Depart Milan to Venice (2 nights)
Tues 19th Depart Venice to Rome (4 nights)

Posted by Janet
Maple Grove, MN
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I would skip Rome on this trip and spend 4 nights in Venice and 2 in Florence. As another poster stated--Venice is truly magical! Buon Viaggio!