1 month in italy starting in milan

we are planning a driving trip from milano thru piedmont, or if you have a better suggestion it is welcome. I am not sure where to begin but thought if anyone has done something similar you might be kind enough to share ideas of places, hotels etc. thanks so much for any help. we will be there for 1 month

Posted by Randy
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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If you intend to stay in a location at least 4-7 days before moving on to the next location, consider renting apartment or the like, vs hotel room. More spacious and homey.

Posted by Don
Dallas, TX, USA
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I'd hit all or most of the places in Rick's Italy book and then maybe turn the car in and take the train to visit Venice and Rome. I'd spend 2-3 nights in each location and move on.

You can see all the best of Italy in a month!

Posted by Paul n Sara
Newburyport, MA
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Milan is a waste. Spend as little time as possible there. Verona is great, as is Vicenza (both on train line to Venice from Milan).
An unforgettable place is Lake Como, about 65mins north of Milan by train
In opposite direction from Milan is Torino. This was winter olympic site in 2002. Fine museums there and great parks with a terrific riverside

Posted by Randy
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Milan is not a waste, but it is also not Florence. Also consider Lake Garda, another great northern lake. Easy access via train and bus from Desanzano, which is on the Milan-Venice route. Sirmione is easiest to access and most commonly visited, but there are many other sites on Garda, and ferries to get you there.

Posted by Devra
Lake Forest, CA
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On one 3-week visit to Italy we based in Milan and traveled by train to to: Lago Maggiore, Santa Margherita (to Portofino and Cinque Terra), Bologna, Genoa, and overnight in Venice. Then picked up car and drove around Lake Como (Belagio), to Lake Garda (Sirmione) to Bergamo, and Verona. Then we crossed the Appennines (takes all day), to Lucca, Florence (expensive parking), through Tuscany and Umbria, to the Adriatic beaches, to Ravena and Venice, and back to Milan. In another 3 weeks there we rented a house and day tripped thru Tuscany and Umbria (Assisi is one of our favorites) before heading to the Amalfi coast (via Pompeii) and based in Sorrento. From there we visited the Islands (Capri, etc.), Amalfi, and Positano. One vacation was just a week in Rome, another just Florence. The choices are endless. You can't see it all in one trip, so read up, make some choices and go for it. You could also fly into Milan and out of Rome, so you're not backtracking. Have a great time.

Posted by bonnie
san francisco
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thank you so much for your reply. i think we will be driving the entire trip and since we have been to venice and florence we will not be going on this trip. i think we will head towards lake maggiore. since you have been there , could you tell me where a good place to base and then drive to surrounding areas for day trips? also, we thought about heading towards alba. any suggestions of places to stay or things to do would be greatly appreciated thanks so much