1 full day in Firenze

My girlfriends and I (5 total) are staying in roma and planning a day trip to Firenze. What do you think is the best way to spend it. I know wew definitly want to see David at the Academia and go to the Uffizi galary. Are there other "must sees" that we can squeeze in and which do we do first, second and so on. Based on your advice before I have found you guys to be my security blanket for this trip. Thanks in advance, I know your advice will be helpful.


Posted by Natalie
Thunder bay, On, Canada
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if you have time i would also visit the piazza della signora, this is where the palazzo vecchio is located, which is the original spot of the david (now a reproduction). there is a very nice open air museum next to it, with many sculptures and a nice place to sit and people watch. the duomo is a quick walk from there also. i am not sure of how to get to these places as i was with a tour, but im sure they are in ricks books. enjoy your trip!

Posted by Doreen
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With just one day, you MUST make reservations for both Uffizi and the Accademia so you won't be disappointed. Go online to check it out.

Posted by Lamont
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With only one day in Florence, you could also spend some time at the Santa Maria duomo area. The duomo exterior is fun to look at, with its pink, green, and white marble (the interior is underwhelming); the bronze Baptistry doors are stunning, as is the Baptistry interior; and, the bell tower has viewing decks at various heights, with nice views of Florence and the Duomo dome (you don't have to go all the way to the top).

Posted by Paul
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As mentioned, be prepared with reservations for the museums, then fill with all that has been mentioned which is easy walking from the Academia to the Uffizi. Hit the Duomo, the piazza, Ponte Veccio; if you have time, there is a good market on the way from the train station to the Academia.

Posted by Patrick, Arkansas
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It's important to remember that most museums in Florence are closed on Mondays, including Uffizi and Accademia. Also Bargello is closed first, third, and fifth Sunday and is closed second and fourth Monday of each month.

Posted by Doug
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A visit to Santa Croce doesn't take long but is amazing, especially for the tombs.

Posted by Kent
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Reservations for the Uffizi are a must in the summer to avoid what can be horrendously long lines--waiting in these lines would needlessly eat into the few hours you have in Florence, so reserve ahead. You're in for a treat: experts say this is the best Italian Renaissance art museum in the world.

Posted by Bob
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You might consider a tour with Art Viva. Their on the web. We had a great combo tour with the Uffizi and area around the plaza for about two hours and then later in the day we took the David tour. Very informative English/american guides. We learned all sorts of little human details that just wandering around doesn't do. They also get cuts to get into the Udffizi and David museum. To get a lot out of the day, I highly recommend them. Have a great trip!

Posted by Lisa
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Thank you all for your helpful ideas. I will definetly make reservations and look into the Duomo and the Renaissance walk that would leave us at Ponte Vecchio that is recommended by Rick.

Posted by Karen
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Uffizi, Academia, Piazale Michaelangelo, Duomo, Baptistry doors, all are must-sees. I used the Firenze Hop-On Hop-Off bus to get to everything. The tickets were good for 24 hours from time of purchase and at less than $30, it was convenient adn informative. Depending on how many hours you have available, it might be a good option. They hit all the high spots, and the drive through the villas right outside the city center were not to be missed. They went through too fast for me, but it was probably to prevent us from disembarking and and attempting to go and purchase one on the spot! I had know idea I would fall in love with Florence. My favorite city in Italy.

Posted by scott
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We just got back from a 3 week trip and all agree that Florence is worth one long day trip, "biggies"can easily be done in one day,and we had 3 kids, just set your reservation times correctly. The Accademia can easily be done in 2 hours, its not a big museum, the Uffizi is large and takes more time, amount of time spent in the Uffizi depends on your love for art I guess. Climb the Doumo at 0830, good view early, less haze. We spent 3 days in Florence and wished we had based in Siena. Siena much nicer in the evening. Rome is alone worth several days ( we took 4) by itself, so much to see and do.

Posted by Gio
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While I recognize it's a matter of personal preference--and I do like Siena a great deal, too--I have to disagree with Scott. If you can, try to spend at least one night in Firenze, which I prefer to Rome, while admitting one has to do the Vatican and the Coliseum and the night-time walks through Rome. Florence is stunning. Apart from the museums with such breath-taking art, the Arno is beautiful (and the neighborhood south of the Arno, with Piazzele Michelangelo for its remarkable views and great restaurants in a more residential setting... in Rome the Tiber is a bit of an afterthought), Brunelleschi's dome, a miracle of art AND engineering, the Santa Croce area, Ponte Vecchio, and Piazza Signoria... Having just visited Rome and Florence with my wife this past winter, three nights in Rome is plenty, for my money: I'd add a few nights in Florence. Florence has a geography and a center and a plan one can get his/her mind around, grasp relatively quickly, and yet it's dense and rich with culture and sites and people and food and music. Florence is so much more than a day trip with a few museums to check off your list. Why not stay a while?