1 Day in October - Lake Como or Cinque Terre

My wife and I just booked a sweet flight into/out of Milan in October. We will be spending all but the first and last days of our trip in Le Marche. The last day is reserved for Milan (to facilitate our flight out) but we are torn about how to spend the first day/night.

We spent 4 days in the Cinque Terre in May of 2005 and absolutely loved it - probably our favorite place we've ever been on vacation. For this trip we are torn between seeing someplace new (Lake Como) vs. the known Cinque Terre. The X-factor seems to be the weather. I realize that neither place is ideal in October, but which suffers more from the colder weather? Even with weather factored in does Lake Como measure up to the CT?

Our flight arrives in Milan at 6am, so assuming that the difference in travel times from Milan to each town is not a factor (we'd arrive in Lake Como by 9am, or CT by 11am).



Posted by Liz
Malaga, Malaga, Spain
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Not sure I can help re the weather but you could look that up - I doubt either place would be cold. I assume you mean a particular town in the CT?

I have been to both, each for a few days, staying at Riomaggiore in CT and Como and loved both but in your circumstances would probably go for Lake Como.

It is beautiful, a boat trip on the lake is easy and lovely to do and you have not been there before. It is, to me, more restful than CT which is rather busy and hectic by comparison. Finally, those extra couple of hours in such a short time would, to me, be significant.

But honestly I donĀ“t think others can really answer this question for you.

Posted by Nancy
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I would opt for Lago di Como; it stays fairly warm there, and it's lovely, and you've never been there, and it's closer. But...

I think they are two entirely different locations, and you have to take that into account. If you want Cinque Terre whether you're actually at the CT or not, then you'll need to go there. If you want to see something new, but are willing to accept the idea that Como doesn't look or feel anything like the CT, you could have a great time there.

If you have your heart set on being only in places that are like the CT, you should skip Como and go there. Italy is really diverse, and there's a lot to discover wherever you go.

Posted by Marie
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Hi Matt, I would probably do Lake Como if it was me. I always like to see something new when I travel. We were to the CT last fall and agree with you how lovely it is. I have not been to the lake area yet, but my sister did and loved it. I guess it boils down whether you want to see and experience something new in Italy or go back to one of your favorite places. I know my husband would go back and hike the CT in a heartbeat.

Posted by Matt
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Thanks for all of your replies. We'll be going to Lake Como.