1-2 nights in Cinque Terre

My husband and I are traveling to Cinque Terre this summer while on a visit to Europe. We are hoping to stay 2 nights, but it could only be 1 night, depending on train schedules. I know a lot of places require a 2 night minimum. I am wondering if anyone knows of places in Vernazza or Monterosso that is/will be open (come July) and would allow only a one-night stay, just in case? I have RS Italy 2011, but have lent it to a friend for awhile and am trying to research in the interim. Thanks!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Kristen, I'd recommend staying two nights if at all possible. Train schedules shouldn't be a problem, but of course that will depend on where you'll be coming from and going to after the C.T. The majority of accommodations are now open for the season in Monterosso and many will be open in Vernazza by July. Check these websites for current information on the status of businesses in each town: Monterosso Vernazza I'm not sure that all lodgings require a two-night minimum. Check the respective websites to confirm that. In any case, I'd suggest getting something booked SOON! I'm currently trying to get a room for late September, and it's proving to be a bit of a challenge. You may have to adjust your budget and take whatever you can find. Good luck and Happy travels!

Posted by Toni
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give it 2 nights and book ASAP as July will be filled up very quickly
check TripAdvisor hotel reviews/listings

Posted by Kate
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Ciao Kristen, My husband and I are traveling to the Cinque Terre in September, and just booked a room at Francamaria Rooms in Vernazza. http://www.francamaria.com/ It looks lovely, even though I've never been there before, but they were quick to respond regarding availability. I'll echo what someone else just said: book quickly. Even for this September, we have had difficulty booking throughout Italy for our top picks. buon viaggio!

Posted by A.
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Stay for 2 nights if you can. Do the hike and enjoy the beach.
We stayed in Monterosso and loved it. Don't remember the hotel name, but it was very nice.