1/2 day in Milan

I will be traveling by train from Venice to Milan (earliest possible train), then overnight to Rome. I have only allocated 1/2 to 3/4 of a day for Milan (as the train schedule permits) since I really do not know much about Milan. I know that I would like to see The Last Supper, but not sure what else to see or not miss. Personally I would have liked to stay another day in Venice or Rome, but my traveling partner want to see the church in Milan. Any ideas about what to do for a decent 1/2 day in Milan?

Posted by Ms. Jo
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Going up on the roof of the Duomo is a wonderful treat and the Galleria next door is beautiful too (just don't eat or drink anything there as it is way over the top overpriced!). We also enjoyed the Science Museum in Milan that had all these Leonardo Da Vinci inventions along with all kinds of other inventions. (I am sorry I don't remember the correct name for it) We found lovely, old churches back on the side streets, a great open produce market near the castle, fun shopping, nice parks. Basically, we enjoyed 3 days in Milan walking around and exploring.

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At the science museum in Milan, I found the submarine to be the highlight...especially the photo and description on how they managed to get it through the streets and inside the courtyard:)

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Hey, Robert! We took this 1/2 day trip to Milan en route to Venice last summer. Fast-paced but fun and exciting, too. Remember that you have to reserve your Last Supper tickets way in advance, from home:

-Check bags at Milano Centrale upon arrival at 8:30 AM; purchase tickets from Milano to Venice for 2:30 train (or thereabouts).

-Take the Metro (yellow line three, direction San Donato) to Piazza Duomo, arriving about 9:00 AM. Upon arrival at Piazza Duomo, consider eating at the bar on the 7th floor of the La Rinascente department store, alongside the Duomo (opens at 9:00 AM, with a great view of the top of the Duomo).

-After breakfast, take the elevator to the roof of the neo-Gothic Duomo, the fourth largest church in Europe; also visit the interior (about e9 each for elevator access on either north or south side of church).

-After touring the Duomo roof and interior, stroll through Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle, browsing and shopping, and through some of the nearby streets (see the exterior of the world’s most famous opera house, as well: Teatro alla Scala).

-Then by 11:50 AM hop on Tram no. 16 (catch it just off Piazza Duomo, on the corner of Via Mazzini and Via Dogana; line 24 stopping at Corso Magenta-Santa Maria delle Grazie) for our 12:45 PM appointment to view Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” in the refectory of the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. The tram will let us off right in front of the church. We have a 12:45 PM reservation, and need to show our email confirmation to pickup our tickets 15 minutes before, at 12:30 PM.

-After “The Last Supper,” grab a drink at the bar across the street from the church (very nice place). Then take the return Tram no. 16 back to Piazza Duomo and the Metro, and return to Centrale by about 1:45 PM. Collect our bags and board our train to Venice: remember to validate tickets before boarding.

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Thanks all! I finally made my train reservations into and outof Milan, so I will have 3/4 of a day there to see the sites. I hope to encorporate your suggestions. Now to reserve tickets for The Last Supper, etc...

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Another thought for a quick meal (as long as it's not a Sunday, since they're closed then) is to go to Luini Panzerotti for one of their panzerottas. They look like a calzone and are wonderful. Their shop is located close to the Duomo and the Galleria on Via S. Radegonda 16. www.luini.it Definitely worth the effort! Inexpensive and a timesaver for your day in Milan.

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Sometimes there are guards that will check everyone's passes in a corridor even after you think you are good to go.

The Roof Of The Duomo can not be missed. The fashion district, I would pass on. The Sforza Castle is interesting in the sense that Leonardo de Vinci lived there and there are no crowds to the museums.