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0600 flight from Venice, Italy airport

Looking at airport hotels, many of the shuttles, taxis etc do not start until 0500.

Our Venice host suggests taking the earliest water taxi at 0345 water from her place, but I wonder if that is enough time to check in for an international flight.

Any suggestions?

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If your flight departs at 06:00 I doubt it is an international flight, but instead a flight to another European airport, where you'll connect to the "long" flight home (don't know where that is for you, assuming US.) Also, don't know location of where you're staying, or how much baggage you have, which will affect the answer to your question.

However, generally speaking, the first bus from Piazzale Roma to the airport leaves at 04:20, and gets you to the airport just as it's opening. You can either walk to Piazzale Roma (if close enough and not too much luggage) or take the "N" vaporetto, which runs throughout the wee hours of the morning. If your lodging is close to an Alilaguna stop (different from vaporetto), you could do that, but I believe the earliest one gets to the airport a bit after 05:00, and you still have a bit of distance (maybe an additional 5-10 minutes, again depending on how much baggage) to get from the Alilaguna dock to the airport entrance (the bus drops you off right in front of the airport terminal.)

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Take the Water Taxi and make your morning free from stress.
Let your hotel take care of making the booking and the driver will be awaiting for you.
Early morning departures are common from Venice and the reason why many often suggest flying into Venice and out of somewhere else.
Personally though, as long as you are not deterred by the cost of a private Water Taxi ; the Venice airport is easy to fly out of in the morning and the ride via Water Taxi is beautiful and about as stress free a morning as one could possibly have.

Try to save a few bucks and all bets are off.

If your flight is to another Schengen area country you don't have to get there very early ; that is similar to a US domestic flight.