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Venice Hotels - Kid Friendly

Piggy backing off the post below and I've looked a few up and also for now booked a Marriott hotel AC Venezia but are there any other kid friendly hotels in Venice? Kids are 6 & 8 years old. We will only be in Venice 1 - 2 days.

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I see posts differently than some so I don't know what you are referencing as the other post, but in my various trips to Venice I haven't stayed in any which are anti-child, or object to children.

What are you looking for, for the childdren, that the Marriott provides?

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I’m just looking for decent bed configurations. But other than that nothing else, I haven’t researched much of Venice or what to do and see.

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Was recently in Venice. If you are not sure what to do Rick has 5 audio tours of Venice. You and especially your kids should like the Grand Canal tour and especially the one abbot Saint Marks Square. I would suggest making that one of the first things you do. Rick does an fantastic job of explaining Venice and Venetian history. The Grand Canal and Saint Marks square are in the form of a treasure hunt for you kids. My kids loved the story told on one of the columns and reading the time on the first digital clock.

If you need a hotel in Venice ours would have been fine with kids. It was surprisingly large and easily accomidated 2 adults and 2 young children. We were a minute walk from Saint Marks square and they have a canal entrance if you want to arrive by boat. Great breakfast. PM me if you want the name. I would have to look it up.

Have a wonderful trip. Make a lot of memories with your children. We made many.

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What’s a decent bed configuration?

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"Decent bed configuration" is probably a room with double bed and two singles for the children. This is known as a quad room or family room.

I know Hotel Messner, well-located in Dorsoduro, has quad rooms as I considered booking one when we took our two teen daughters to Italy. (In the end we decided not to include Venice in the trip as it was summertime, not the best for Venice).

You can find others by using the filters on You do not have to book through them once the potential candidates have been identified, if you prefer to book directly with the hotel.