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Venice hotel ..easy access from airport and to cruise port

Hubby not great at walking and navigating bridges and stairs with luggage. But I am planning 2 hefty days of sightseeing so want to be in good location for touring...Anybody have a hotel recommendation that is easy to get to from airport and from hotel to cruise port?

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Hubby...walking and navigating bridges and stairs with luggage...good location for touring...

The hotel we normally use does have stairs so I'll leave it to others to recommend one without stairs.

As far as location is concerned, Venice is really small, so a moderate amount of walking and using the vaporetto system should allow you to see most anything you want without too much trouble. You will, however, encounter many small bridges over the back canals but they are usually very small.

Once you decide on a hotel, we can probably give pretty detailed info about getting there from the airport. And can do the same for getting to the cruise port.

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Aside from the hotel question, I suggest you do some research on Venice with disabilities. (Start with the Search box top left, or top center, here.) It is very hard to tour Venice without stone paving cracks, bridges, and steps. It's that kind of place. Will he have trouble with the slight leveling ramp to get onto the Vaporetto? The other issue is crowds. So, for example, it might be hard to get to the railing (which he needs for support) on the Vaporetto, because everyone is jostling for the best possible view. Vaporetti are not that hard to board and exit, crowds and luggage aside.

You may be better off with Vaporetti than with private water taxis (assuming you have no budget constraints!) because water taxis have such a large climb down into the boat in some locations. I doubt that maps make it clear whether a given hotel boat-taxi landing has easy steps up, big steps up, or no steps up. So you're going to be depending on verbal descriptions by people you don't know.

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You might look at hotels in and around Piazzale Roma. It is the large piazza that is at the end of the vehicle bridge across the lagoon. You could then take a taxi - or the public bus - directly from the airport to your hotel, and there is a vaporetto stop at Piazzale Roma from which you could later access all of the sights along the Grand Canal. This location is also near the "people mover" to the cruise ship port. Granted, Piazzale Roma is at the "far end" of the Grand Canal, and you will have to ride the vaporetto a bit further than if you stayed near San Marco, etc., but for your purposes it might be a good solution. Several people on this forum have posted about hotels that they like in or near Piazzale Roma (Hotel Santa Chiara, for example, though I haven't stayed there), so a search here (and on might give you some possibilities to consider.

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Yes, Piazzale Roma is the best location for you. Looking at Google Maps, I see 3 hotels close by that appear to have no bridges to cross for access from the bus parking area and the People Mover:

Il Moro di Venezia

Ca' Doge

AC Hotel