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Vegetarian food (no seafood) options in Venice?

I understand that seafood is the food of Venice. Just wondering if anybody has experience with any restaurants in Venice that have outstanding vegetarian options without seafood. Thanks!

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Well, I have experience with vegan food in Venice but can't really remember anything outstanding. I usually wound up with pasta (which is sometimes vegan and sometimes not) all'arribiata (spicy) or olive oil or marinara (which is very light). I often ordered a side of grilled veggies which I put over the pasta. I traveled with my brother (also vegan) and my SIL (allergic to shellfish) and it was very easy to avoid seafood. In the Fall when I traveled, the veggies were almost always a zucchini and eggplant mix, so I got really tired of that after a couple of weeks.

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I haven't been there yet, but I have a reservation for dinner at L'Alcova Restaurant at Ca' Sagredo Hotel. It gets good reviews on trip advisor and has a quite a number of vegetarian and vegan choices for lunch and dinner. You can check out the menu on the hotel's website.

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I don't do fancy places in Venice (or much of anywhere else, for that matter) and I don't do vegan but I am married to a lovely wife who can't have anything fish or fish related.

It is really easy to avoid fish and shellfish if you want to.

Pizza - many vegetarian options

Instead of pasta, which is a more southerly food, Venice specialises in Polenta, a runny semi-firm cooked corn meal served on the plate with other food next to it or slices of thicker polenta which are fried.

I can't think of a restaurant which I frequent - and there are a lot because I'm there a lot - which doesn't offer veggie non fishie plates. They all do. Don't expect meat-free dishes to be a lot cheaper though.

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I eat vegetarian when I travel. I've never had a problem finding good choices in Italy. There's always pasta or risotto and fresh cooked vegetables, often grilled with olive oil. When I explain vegetarian, the waiter sometimes has suggestions for dishes they can do specially or for substitutions (like not putting the bacon or the calamari in the pasta). I've also seen menus in Italy where there were symbols for the vegetarian options.

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Whenever I am looking for vegetarian and vegan restaurants, I use Happy Cow. For Venice, look at this link. There are lots of options. Seafood is dead animals so it isn't vegetarian though some people kid themselves that it is. Prices are good at these locations (without costly meat to buy and store).

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Thanks for all of the input! Seems like it will not be as difficult as we feared- we just kept coming across rave reviews of places that were all about seafood. Appreciate the advice!