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Vegan Restaurants

Any recommendations for vegan restaurants or restaurants with good vegan options in Tuscany, Florence and/or Rome?

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If you don't know it, look at Happy Cow website for vegan restaurant, grocery options. Been around for years. Great resource.

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Thank you ~ yes, will do, just wondering if anyone had any personal suggestions as well!

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I travel with an "I am vegan" card that I printed off from I think Happy Cow. I had to use it at Trattoria Garibaldi near the Mercato Centrale in Florence. The waiter took it back to the kitchen then came back to me and pointed out what was vegan. I had delicious Ribollita (bread soup) and probably either salad or bruschetta. I've also eaten successfully at the neighboring Trattoria Za Za. Another thing to look for in Tuscany is their bean soup which is fabulous. I've tried to re-create it at home it was so good.

In Italy you'll usually find something on the menu that is vegan although I got really tired of the main veggies being eggplant and zucchini. Something listed as "fresh" pasta often has egg altho regular dry pasta seems not to. Fall back for me is Pasta al'Arribiatta which is a spicy tomato sauce.

It's pretty easy to stay vegan! Gelato shops usually have sorbetto choices which are usually vegan. The gelato scoopers all seem to know which are vegan!

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Again, I would expect very few, if any, "vegan restaurants" in Italy, but as Pam says, with a bit of care you should be able to find vegan dishes in regular restaurants.

One thing I found in Rome is that a lot of the vegetables were prepared with cheese, so that's something to watch out for when ordering contorni. On the other hand, parmesan cheese is not added to pastas nearly as often or as automatically as in the US, so it should be easy to avoid by asking (Pam's idea of a card is good).

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I live in Torino or Florence and in the restaurants I go to, except for the parmigiana and many pizzas, I never had cheese on my veg. There is also almost always tomato salad, zucca (in Autumn), finocchio with orange salad, porcini, artichokes, Tuscan panzanella (Florence).
On the Coast they sometimes add tuna Fisher or sardines.