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Trip to Venice 03/2020 (Hotel)

Hello everyone,

I'm currently in the planning stages on our trip to Venice in March 2020. This is our first time traveling to Europe. Life long bucket list to visit Venice.

Now that airfare is out the way, I'm looking for a hotel. I'm currently reading over RS Venice guide book and searching post on the forums.

Could those that have been to Venice in the last 6 months or so post which hotel you stayed at? Thoughts about your stay?

Could you provide suggestions on which hotel to check out?

Details on our visit .
Dates 03/15/2020 to 03/21/2020
Budget: $2000
Looking for a nice location, on the grand canal, near St. Mark's Square (away from the crowds of possible)



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Padua is a good easy day trip from Venice if you want one. Train from St. Lucia station takes under an hour.

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Unfortunately, two of your criteria ( near San Marco and away from crowds) are incompatible, especially if you want to be on the Grand Canal. But the crowds in March should not be as great as later toward summer.

The Gritti PLace is a famous luxury hotel right on the Grand Canal, very close to Sn Marco, it I do not know if it is within your budget.

You can easily identify other possibilities using Google satellite view for the area you seek. Just look for the little hotel icon ( a bed) and click on or touch each one to see the name.

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Just to clarify, is that $1800 your hotel budget for your stay? And note that the Grand Canal is the main drag in Venice. You can't stay on it and not have crowds. That's like staying next to an interstate and expecting no traffic noise.

If you go to you can filter for your price point and location ( you can select both San Marco and Grand Canal) as well as the amenities you want. There's plenty of hotels at your price point.

We have a favorite hotel that we have stayed at 4 times. But while it is very quiet and near S. Marco, it isnt on a canal (Grand or otherwise).

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I really enjoyed the Ruzzini Palace Hotel. Has its own square out front, easy to walk to all the action, but away from all the main crowds.

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@Lola - @CJean - after additional research, I'm understanding GC and quiet is had to find. I've increased the budget to $2k. I'll continue my research.

Thanks for everything, your input is extremely helpful.

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hey hey xjfan
few years ago we stayed in the san polo area in a studio apartment. we loved the area and the place. owned by a lovely couple, ketti and pietro, it is behind frari church. we stayed in the west studio, small kitchenette, washer, small balcony, living area with bed, bathroom/shower, small elevator, luggage storage. we arrived by water taxi to san toma stop and walked to apartment. if interested, fill out form and submit or email them and they are great at getting back.
la levantina: loved this ground apartment on a canal, behind a gate, terrace outside, open dining area and see gondolas and boats going by. email them for availability or check on scroll and contact host has some apartments around the island, look at map, read fine print. if mobility issues check what floor and how many steps/stairs to climb with luggage. filter to apartments (gondola verde veniceiloveyou) (rialto apartments) (charming venice apartments with terrace) just a few to check out. i think you'll be happy in an apartment. more room, kitchen, washer, we always look for a terrace/balcony for coffee hour or happy hour. you don't have to cook, it is nice to have fridge for cold things, snacks. some rooms are smaller than here in states, stars meant different things (amenities) than the states, make sure so shared bath, arrival times and departures too early can't check in, early flight is what is transportation to airport.
read up europeforvisitors,com lots of info there, any other questions just ask, we want you to have great vacation, no stress.
if you are interested i'll message you of things you can do around the area, lots to do. have fun
the island is small to walk around, get "lost", zig instead of zag. i love this magical place, been 3 times. some places may

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Check out Hotel Becher- stayed there last year and won't stay anywhere else in Venice!

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We stayed at Baglioni Hotel Luna which is only a few steps from St. Mark's Square in a quiet alcove with a water taxi entrance and only a block from the Grand Canal. It is part of the Leading Hotels chain and is near nice shops. The advantage was we could go back to our room for an easy break from the crowds and yet be near the great sites.

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Based on some additional research, ended up selecting Ruzzini Palace Hotel. Seems this hotel is away from the main areas and crowds.

For those that have stayed there, could you post some feedback? Just wanted to know how was your experience.

Thanks again for everyone's feedback.


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I have not stayed there, but it is on the Campo Santa Maria Formosa, and appears that a very nice room with a view of the Campo for 6 nights will be about half your budget. Since it is in the interior of the island, you can afford to splurge a bit on a water taxi to the hotel, which has a its own water taxi dock. Cost will be about 120 EUR for an exclusive water taxi, but an interesting way to enter the city from the airport in style.

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We were in Venice this past September and loved the small apartment we booked through Dreaming Venice Apt. Great location, quiet but easy walking to almost everything. Bonus of a kitchen and washing machine.

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Hi everyone...Happy New Year,

We were very busy toward the end of 2019, haven't thought much about the trip. Been watching lots of YouTube videos, getting ideas on places to visit and eat. Making lots of notes.

(Apologies of already covered) Could you post your favorite dining spots? Away from the crowds.. DW love seafood, I'm okay with everything else..

While in Venice, we plan to visit Murano, Burano, Torcello, Padua. Any suggestions really appreciated...