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Steak in Florence?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a place to get an authentic (Bistecca alla Florentina) thick T-Bone steak in Florence?
We ate at a place when we were last there, and on the way out saw two tiny little young women, EACH eating one. But we have lost track of the name of the place. It was small and very authentic. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Vito, Michigan.

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Checkout Buca Mario and Buca Lapi online and see what you think. Both of these were jammed when we were in Florence this past September.

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I wouldn't put too much thought into it. I've been unimpressed by the beef I've eaten in Italy particularly the Bistecca all Fiorentina. I've concluded that it's down to the breed of cattle used, mainly the Chianina breed for Bistecca all Fiorentina, which isn't all that great for good tasting meat.

Ultimately you're eating a big slab of beef that's going to be cooked, hopefully, over charcoal and seasoned well. This is something that any keen barbecuer can do well so there's not a lot that can go wrong (unless you ask for it above anything medium rare, some will not ask how you like it as they believe that it should only be served one way and that is quite rare).

I also don't pay much heed to the concept of 'authenticity'. What is authentic is this respect? Does it mean furniture that hasn't been changed for 40 years? Raffia covered bottles of Chianti hanging on the walls? All Italian kitchen staff? Some of the better food that I've eaten has been in newer restaurants with keen, young (international) staff and more of a modern interior. This doesn't necessarily mean that the food is avant-garde or non traditional.

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13 Gobbi and Trattoria Sostanza (both on the same street). It wasn't a t-bone at Sostanza but it was delicious all the same. Enjoy Firenze!

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Oh, I love L'Osteria di Giovanni! I keep their business card tacked to my wall at work as a reminder of our lovely dinner there. The service was wonderful and the atmosphere was great. I'd go back in a heartbeat next time we visit Florence.

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Type “Best Steak Florentine” into the Search bar at the top of the page and it will link you to a previous forum discussion with more recommendations.

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I second what Larlock suggested:

l'Osteria di Giovanni on Moro Street. I had Filet Mingnon there on two nights. It was an excellent scrumptious meal. A wonderful Italian family owns it. I definitely would recommend a reservation. I seem to recall they serve a few varieties of steak.


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Four years ago I went to "La Burrasca". I found this restaurant thanks to RS Italy. It was amazing! Even though it has been 4 years, I still can not forget how amazing that steak with balsamic and parmigiano-reggiano was. Here is their TAdvisor page.

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All I have to say is go to Acqua al 2, on Via della Vigna Vecchia. They are famous for their filet mignons with balsamic sauce and blueberry sauce and they also have Bistecca alla Fiorentina. I’ve been going there for almost 25 years and the quality is amazing. The last time we were in Florence, we ate there three nights in a row!