Staying at an Italian monastary

Has anyone used the website and stayed at an Italian monestary, preferably in Rome?

Posted by Sherry
San Jose, CA
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I used MonasteryStays once and was very pleased. The convent was a very isolated area and i didnt want any surprises. They do make booking easier, since they have much info about the lodging on the website and will communicate w you in English. They include a small fee in their price.

I stay in convents/monasteries whenever possible, and usually book them myself by email. In my experience, they're quiet, spotlessly clean, and often in interesting historic buildings. Do be prepared for little/no English, and a curfew. And you'll probably need to pay in cash.

In Rome, I really like the convent of the Sisters of St Elizabeth (spelled something like Elisabetta). It's a few blocks from Termini, 1/2 block from Santa Maria Majiore. Great view from rooftop patio. I don't have the contact info handy, but it's in RS book.

Posted by June
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I used Monastery stays about 2 years ago on Venice, Florence & Rome. I was very pleased. I chose them to meet my specific needs, wi-fi, walking to historical sites or transportation. They were all great. I cannot remember the names of the places I stayed. The Rome one was a short walk from the city metro train. I could see the Forum, far down the street from a block away. It was a large site with a huge breakfast. A cafe was just outside the door and some neat shops very close.

I suggest you search through the features and maps to fond what will work best for you.

I will use Monastery stays again.

Posted by JerryG
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In Rome, my first choice is Santa Maria Alle Fornaci near the Vatican with Casa la Salle(a little further out but 2 minutes from the Metro) 2nd; you don't need to use for these as they both have websites. Go to American Catholic church in Rome) click on "Coming to Rome " for a list. Casa La Salle has a pretty good breakfast and offers dinner(the staff didn't recommend it as it is many for tours) however the breakfast at Santa Maria's is great.
Outside of Rome we have used with pretty good results, in Cortona and between Lucca and Florence with only one basically 2 star convent in San G--I've told others that any women contenplating a vocation should spend 3 nights there. All had no curfew and pretty simple breakfasts. Also had a huge suite in Sorrento for 100E a night close to downtown, and stayed another time in Florence in November that was quite brisk, however, many blankets--you moved fast in the morning. Usually, Moestarystays is where we start when seeking rooms in Italy. Usually they are pretty basic, no tv, phone, wake-up, however, how much time will you be in the room?

Posted by Zoe
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