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Sorrento, Hotel or B&B with special amenity

Hello everyone,

Could anyone offer an opinion on this? My wife and I are seeking some similar and different things with lodging in Sorrento. We both are traveling with medical conditions. We both want to say where someone is there who speaks English is available all day to help with specific travel needs/questions (like a concierge or front desk staff). We also enjoy some room services. We currently have a Jr Suite booked at the Grand Royal Hotel, however I think it will not meet a specific need.

Choosing a B&B or Apartment may be necessary because I need a freezer (not the tiny cold sections on the top of a mini-bar. I need access to a real freezer for storage several large, various sized medical gel packs for managing my back pain and Migraines. I use them a couples times at day and in the middle of the night. For all day walks/trips I carry a portable cooler on my back. It's is difficult. This is always a challenge we we travel (within our country or abroad). One time we have purchased a $200 small freezer and had it shipped ahead of us. Expensive with the shipping.

Are there apartments or B&Bs that would have a full refrigerator and room services and someone at a front desk or available 24/7 like a hotel? My wife is diabetic and also needs to keep her insulin cold. We will be in Sorrento for 7 nights, then Rome for 4 nights.

Any replies are appreciated.
Thank you

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My sisters & I stayed at a wonderful B&B, Villa Monica hosted by Pasquale Grosso Albini in Sorrento. He was extraordinarily attentive to our every need, and we had access to a full kitchen. It sounds like this villa might fit your needs. Check it out on TripAdvisor.