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Hope this is the right site to ask questions on Sicily. We are planning on staying in Sicily about 9 days mid-September. Starting in Palermo and our last stop Catania. Wanted to know what towns to go to and what to see. How many days to stay in each those towns. Once we are in Palermo we are planning on renting a car and travel. Our relatives will be traveling with us since they know the language and are use of driving in Italy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Actually, this is the section where people who have already traveled to Italy post their experiences of hotels, restaurants, etc.

Here is my VERY detailed trip report from 2014. I started in Palermo and ended at Catania airport (didn't see Catania itself). It should give you some ideas for further research:

I only had 10 days, and rushed around and still missed a lot; you have only 9 days, so you will have to be brutally selective.

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Rick doesn't have a lot of published information on Sicily, but you can get some ideas from the routes of his two Sicily tour itineraries. If you only have 9 days, then you'd cut a few sites from those busy 11-day plans.

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Take a look at this site and start by wading through a couple of travel books (you can get them right from your library). I found the Lonely Planet and National Geographic books on Sicily to be very helpful. It's very hard to construct an itinerary for someone else without knowing their interests, so start with those when developing a schedule. I would say that Palermo deserves a minimum of 3 days and Taormina a full day as well (and you'll likely spend at least the last night, if not more, in Catania) - so that's already half the time you have available. Then there are side trips from Palermo such as Monreale and Erice, which will take up more time. Nine days is not a lot of time in Sicily, so be very selective so that you're not bouncing from one place to another with a lot of travel time in-between.

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Rick's Blog currently is focused on Sicily and has several videos.

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Just returned from two weeks. Not nearly enough time to fully appreciate the island. We ended in Palermo and started in Catania/Siracusa. Suggest you take 3 or so days in Palermo with a side trip to Monreale, then head to Cefalu, onto Messina and Taormina ending with a visit to Mt. Etna and ending in Siracusa/Ortigia with a transfer to Catania to fly out of.

Do not drive in Palermo. You can take public transportation from the airport and also to Montreale. Train to Cefalu works.

Driving in the countryside of Sicily works fine. In the cities, not so much.

As others have noted, you need to get an International Driving Permit for anyone who might be driving. AAA issues them for a small fee even if you're not a member.

If you have more questions, I would post them in Travel Forum/Italy where most everyone looks for questions/answers. This site is more focused on specific reviews.

Have a great trip!

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If its okay, I would like to add to your request. We will be going on an 8 day self guided bike trip in Southeast Sicily in May 2018, and then want to spend a few more days traveling around the Island. On the bike trip, we will stay in Siracusa and Palazzolo Acreide and see Villa Romana in Piazza Armerina. Although I have not been to Sicily, the descriptions in the various bike tour options I have reviewed look excellent and I would recommend Siracusa and maybe one of the archaeological parks with Greek temples discussed below.
For those who have been to Sicily, in what order would you recommend seeing Agrigento, Selinunte, and Segesta? I do not think we will have time to see all three archaeological parks, but I do not know how much time would be needed at each location. Any advice would be appreciated.
Mille Grazie

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Nino, it would be better for you to start a new thread with your question. You will then receive an email every time someone responds. As it stands now, Sam is going to be getting those emails.

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My apology for intruding.

Thank you very much for providing me guidance, which I have followed.