Rome hotels- stay away from Hotel Sileo

We purchased Rick Steve's book and found most everything helpful for our time in Italy.
We booked our last night in Rome at the Hotel Sileo, based on His book's recommendation of an inexpensive hotel near the Termini Station.
The room was severely neglected and dirty-- Nothing like the pictures on the website!
We did not have high expectations, due to the cost of 70 euros, but we do expect a room to be clean.
Grime was on every surface, light switches, sink, phone etc. Due to time constraints, we were not able to change hotels. Do not make the same mistake! There are so many other hotels in the area, find another one to stay at.
Rick Steves needs to remove that hotel recommendation from his book.

Posted by Abe
Rick Steves' Europe
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Thank you for letting us know.

Rick and all of us at Rick Steves’ Europe want the businesses and other information listed in our guidebooks to meet our high standards of quality. We are truly sorry to hear that you had a less-than-acceptable experience during your trip. We update our country-specific books each year and, during our annual research, try to visit or otherwise contact places and guides we recommend. I will forward your comments to Rick, our editors and researchers for their future use. Please understand that we have completed our European updates for the 2014 editions.

Thanks so much for getting in touch with us. We hope you will once again be traveling to Europe and we really appreciate hearing from you.

Posted by Bob
Reading, PA, USA
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Yet, some time in the past year on the old forum someone gave this hotel a very good review. I mark my guidebooks with +s and -s on the hotel listings based on comments on these forums.