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Rome hotels?

Hello, all! I'm thinking of booking my first RS tour, Rome in seven days, but I'm a bit hesitant about the accommodations. When I go to Europe, I usually book an Air BnB because I like the privacy and the space. I'll be taking this trip on my own so I'm planing to book a solo room. I would love to hear from people who've done this tour recently. What Rome hotel did RS book for you? Was it clean? Did you actually have to share a bathroom with strangers? I haven't done that since university and can't that say I miss the experience. I've stayed in some lovely family-run hotels in Paris, but I've always had my own bathroom. It's just not a space that I enjoy sharing with others and I don't want to book my tour then discover that's what's happening.

Looking forward to your input,

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When we did this tour some years ago, the tour group stayed at the Aberdeen. We have also stayed at the Sonya on another RS tour. Regardless of the hotel, you will not have to share a bathroom. Only one or two RS tours have shared bathrooms, and even then it's only for a night or two.

The hotels are definitely clean and well maintained, and serve a good breakfast. We did stay in another Rome hotel on yet a third RS tour that we would prefer not to stay at again, though. It wasn't a matter of cleanliness.

Whenever we return to Rome, we always book the Aberdeen. That's how much we liked it.

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Took the tour this year. Stayed at the family run Lancelot Hotel. Well maintained and run by the Khan family. You’ll have your own bathroom-never shared a bathroom yet on multiple RS tours. Although just a few blocks from the Coliseum the hotel is on a quiet street. There are many restaurants in the area but some are not great so stick with the ones the hotel recommends. The hotel also offers a dinner which we took advantage of on our first night. It was good, and nice not to have to go out as we were very jet lagged.

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To put yourself at ease , call the RS office and confirm that any hotel they use for that tour has a private bathroom. They are friendly.

Done 2 RS tours and always had room with a private bathroom.

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I have gone solo on five RS tours and always had comfortable, clean rooms with private bathrooms. I think it is very rare that RS tours share bathrooms - most likely in more remote areas, like small towns in the Alps. Her is what his website says:

“Private bathrooms are the norm, but on a couple of tours a small chance exists that for one or two nights your bathroom may be down the hall (only if you see it listed under your tour's Physical Demands).”

One of my tours was Best of Rome and I had a wonderful time. RS uses a variety of hotels in Rome. We stayed at a lovely hotel near the Spanish Steps. Sorry, I don’t remember the name. It had an elevator, a nice breakfast, friendly staff. My single room was small, but suited my needs (it actually had a small balcony).

If you like your privacy, I highly recommend paying the single supplement- worth every penny to guarantee a single room.

Rome is an amazing city. Our RS guide and the local guides used were terrific. They really add a lot to the experience. I recommend adding a day or two at either or both ends of the tour. This will give you time to see things not on the tour.