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Rome - Hotel with WiFi in the room

My daughter & I will be arriving in Rome on Feb. 22, 2020 and we need a hotel that offers in-room WiFi -- my daughter needs to complete an online exam for a course she is taking ( thru Georgia Tech) by midnight on Feb. 23. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

1/24/20: Thanks to you all for your suggestions! Since our flight to Rome (from Paris) doesn't arrive till 8:30pm, we've decided to stay at the Hilton connected to the airport for that first night (so she can do the exam) and then we'll head into Rome the next afternoon. Hilton got good reviews on the wifi issue.

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Seems every hotel has in room wi-fi these days.

Just be sure it shows in the list of 'amenities'.

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Don’t think I’ve stayed in a European hotel in the last 10 years that didn’t offer wifi. Even lowly hostels have WiFi

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Although all of the hotels that I've stayed at in Italy over the past few years, including several in Rome, have wifi, some have stronger wifi signals than others. Since it is critical that your daughter have a strong wifi signal, I suggest that you carefully read the individual reviews on for comments about wifi. You can choose a hotel on, then click on "guest reviews" then scroll down to review topics and click on "wifi." I'd especially look at reviews within the past year. It's also quite possible that (in those old, stone buildings) some rooms will have much better wifi signal than others. If you find a hotel that you like, with mixed wifi reviews, you might want to email the hotel and inquire about getting a room specifically with a strong wifi signal. Likely staff will know which rooms those would be. For example: I stayed last year in Hotel Smeraldo which I love, in an old building near Campo de Fiori, and we had a fine wifi signal, but some reviewers report having wifi trouble there. So ask.

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With less than a month to go you're cutting it a bit fine with your hotel booking! I haven't stayed in a hotel in Rome that didn't have wi-fi but some places have better signals than others, as has already been mentioned the building often has a bearing on the signal strength but also whether the hotel has a sufficiently powerful router or signal extenders.

My most recent stay was in an independent hotel near Termini where the signal was very patchy and we frequently lost it. UNAHOTELS Decò Roma had good wi-fi, not the cheapest in the area but British Airways were paying for it after cancelling our flight. My favourite is Marriott's Grand Flora, a bit of a splurge but we always get upgraded to a suite due to our loyalty scheme status and never had an issue with the wi-fi, fast and reliable.

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I have never stayed in a hotel in Italy w/o WiFi.
If signal is weak, sometimes I had to go a different area of hotel such as lounge.