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Restaurants in Milan

Will be in Milan July 6th and 7th, anyone know how the weather will be? We would also appreciate recommendations for lunch and diners. Also, any info on "must see" sights. Thanks, Rachelle

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Osteria Antica Cavallini is good. It is nearby the oft recommended Hotel Berna and Hotel Garda.
Visit the Navigli neighborhood at happy hour for bar snacks that come when you buy a drink.
"Must sees"? Last Supper, Duomo, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (but don't eat there sayeth all the guides).
Weather in July? Warm, to maybe stifling. Rain or sun, I could not say.

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Tickets to The Last Supper seem to sell out very, very quickly. If you want to see that, start checking now.

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We loved Milan this past summer. We stayed at a hotel north of the Sempione Park, so were out of the downtown bustle. We enjoyed lunch at a cart in Sempione Park. We had kraut and wurst sandwiches and beer. The name of it was Panetta Giovanni Sabo. Very friendly guy running it. We enjyed the pizza at Parco Milano at Piazza Sempione . Our only complaint was wine was only available by the bottle or the €7 glass. No carafe or half-liter available. (This turned out to be true for all the restaurants at which we at in Milan.)

We had a surprisingly good chicken and spinach sandwich at a cart in the Duomo Piazza - food cart Alimentari Luccisano Antonio. We also had good pizza at a place in the Porta Genova neighborhood - didn't get the name. The pizza was great, but drinks were expensive, and there was a cover charge, so the total price was more than we had expected, and we thought a bit excessive. Lesson learned: ask how much a small bottle of water is!

Our favorite (we went there twice) was Bottega Ghiotta at Corso Sempione 5. Great risotto, grigliata di mare, cotoletta Milanese, and salmon with asparagus. We dropped in by chance the first night, and enjoyed it so much we made reservations for the following night, our last in Milan.

Sigh. Now I want to go back...

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There are lots of good restaurants in the charming Brera neighborhood of Milan. We really enjoyed Sunday lunch at a small, intimate restaurant named Puglia in Brera, osterio traditionale, at via San Carpoforo 6. The restaurant features delightful seafood characteristic of Puglia. Good service and an attractive setting, too.

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Rick's Italy book has a very good Milan chapter. Have a look at it and see what interests you. While Milan is a large city, it's got great transit, making it easy to get around and see multiple sights (I found it easier to get around Milan than many smaller Italian cities).

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Aim for a hotel with either air conditioning or cold showers.