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Pizza in Sorrento/Amalfi

Looking for recommendations for Neapolitan pizza in Sorrento. Any suggestions? Also, looking for a good place to eat in Amalfi. Somewhere with good Italian food, maybe a nice view and reasonable prices.. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Does anyone know if Vino Vero in Sorrento is still open? I can't find a website.

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Ristorante Pizzeria Tasso in Sorrento but hands down the best pizza I have ever eaten was at a little place in Naples.

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We ate at a place in Amalfi right next to the duomo. We overlooked the square (a walk up). I do not recall the name but it is only place there. I had lemon pesto. It is the only dish (other than pizza) that I remember from our trip! It was moderately priced.


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Last year, I ate good pizza in Naples and Salerno, but the best was in Rome in Trastevere.

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Pizzeria Tasso was the consensus choice in Sorrento. I ate at the “Sorrento-style” place at the edge of town and don’t recommend.

If you take a 15-minute walk from Amalfi along the coast to Atrani, you’ll find a couple of excellent restaurants there. I highly recommend Ristorante Savo. Much less crowded and touristy over there.

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Restaurant Aurora right in the square has a sit down and take out window. The pizzas are fabulous, we had them two or three times and happy each visit. We stayed at Hotel Plaza across the street and one night ate while we sat on our balconies. We loved the hotel and Sorrento!

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Beth--I have to give another recommendation for the little walk-up next to the Duomo in Amalfi. We were there so long ago that I couldn't even have said if it was still there but it's the only pizza my husband still talks about. I suspect the scenery had something to do with the taste but it's good to know others remember it as fondly as we do.