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New Years Eve and New Years Day in Naples

I will be in Naples for New Years Eve and would like to go somewhere for a nice festive dinner with my husband and two adult children-we are staying at Unahotel in Piazza Garibaldi and would like to go someplace close by (I heard that walking around Naples is a challenge on New Years Eve because of the fireworks etc) Also what can we do on New Years Day? are the museums and sites open?

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Museums and sites are closed New years Day (just an FYI most sell tickets online while posting hours, holiday closing etc online). The trains are running if you figure to go elsewhere

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You should seriously rethink NYE in Naples unless you have been invited to someone's house to observe the festivities. It is impossible to walk around in many areas due to a Neapolitan penchant for throwing things into the street from the balconies. For a tame picture of NYE in Naples, watch the HBO series, "My Brilliant Friend."

Times Square? Maybe, on a bet. Edinburgh, Scotland? Absolutely. Naples? Not ever again.

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We will be in Rome over New Years and found most restaurants offer very expensive(160€ pp) multi course meals starting at 10pm. Ask your hotel or landlord to find you a reservation for a restaurant that offers some earlier reservations and their regular menu. Holidays are difficult times to travel. Perhaps Naples is different but London and Rome have really challenged us finding holiday dining reservations.