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Lido Island off Venice

I have a few days in Venice before my RS tour starts and was wondering if anyone has stayed overnight on Lido Island, is it worth staying over night, and if so, what are your recommendations for things to do/see....

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I was just wondering about this myself the other day after watching a program that included an aerial shot of the Venice Lido. A search on this forum turned up lots of responses. I haven't read them yet but will. I hope someone with recent experience there will answer your question. It looked a lot greener than I would have expected. (But maybe the helicopter just chose the green areas to highlight!)

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Cheryl, we visited Lido in 2018. We spent several hours there and found it to be a nice getaway from the crowds in Venice. It happened to be during the Venice Film Festival. We enjoyed walking the main street of Lido and admired the Art Deco Architecture. The beach area was lovely and we ended up stopping for lunch. It was our intention to visit the historic Jewish Cemetery but it was Saturday and closed for the sabbath. Take a look at this website for things to do in Lido. See “The top 10 things to see and do in Lido.”

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Hi Cheryl,

I stayed for 4 nights on Lido in September a few years ago. I have previously stayed in Venice proper and Mestre also. I loved it! Less crowded, fewer tourists, more local neighborhood feel, great restaurants, small shops, and very walkable. Big difference in prices on hotel, food and other goods.

The hotel was located on Granviale Santa Maria Elisabetta, a straight shot few block walk from the vaporetto stop. PM me if you want the name. We purchased a vaporetto pass, so getting to Venice proper was no problem. The view leaving Venice proper and returning to Lido was spectacular at night! It was nice to return to a more normal pace after spending the day in Venice. I feel like we had the best of both worlds. We took the bus around the entire island, walked to the beach and waded in the water. It was so relaxing. I would stay there again.

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I had a day trip there when I stayed in Venice. It was ok, but you could have been in any average coastal resort and it didn’t feel like Venice. It’s certainly not as busy as Venice proper if that’s what you are after.

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My husband and I stayed on the Lido for 10 days during our second visit to Venice and loved every minute of our stay there. We bought a 7 day vaporetto pass so we could go back and forth to Venice proper if/ when we felt like it. It was a few years ago so don’t have any current recommendations for the island specifically but we enjoyed sleeping/“living”/relaxing there for the 10 days and day tripping when we wanted to “get off the island”.