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How reliable is it to book a flight thru Kayak for Italy trip next month?

Hello Travelers,
Planning to book my flight thru Kayak for Italy trip next month. Would prefer a direct booking thru airline I'll use , but their flights costs are a lot higher. How reliable is booking thru Kayak? Have any fellow travelers had last minute problems with their flights thru Kayak? Kayak's own Trip Protection fee they recommend sound's a bit bogus. I will be carrying travel insurance besides. Thank you for your replies.

lm from il

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There's an expression that, "Most insurance is sold, not bought." You need travel insurance but you don't need the same thing twice.

P.S. Please delete your duplicate post. Thank you.

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Kayak sorts out options for you. You book flights from a link, often the airline itself. I always book directly with the airlines. If there are any problems, they will take care of those who booked directly.

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Agree with Suki, i personally believe it's always best to book directly with the airline. My case may be special in that in Wichita and the only airlines that goes to most of the places in Europe is Delta and over the last 10 years they have gone out of their way to make sure that I got to where I needed to go. I don't know if it is true but an agent (several years ago) told me that people who book directly are the least to get bumped and get free upgrades when available (this has happened to me).

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I mostly book direct but found cheaper the equivalent of Kayak on Expedia once or twice

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I fly often and have flown to Europe during 14 of the last 16 years. I have always booked directly with whatever airline I am flying so that if there is ever a problem, and there have been a couple,, I can count on the airline sorting things out which they have done each time I have had a problem.

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Imall, we only booked through Kayak once, and won't do it again. The problem we had was the various authorization codes they give you are different from the ones the airlines use. Every single time we had to check in for a flight, every leg of the trip, we had to wait while the airline clerk looked up our accounts and verified we had valid tickets.

It was only a nuisance, but we did end up literally running through Schipol airport to make a connection that we thought we had allotted plenty of time for.

We do occasionally use Kayak to research routes and prices, then we go directly to the airline and pay the same price.