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Is this normal for Ryan Air or due to something else?

At the end of my RS tour I’m traveling to Rome. My flight from Catania to Rome has been changed twice now. The departure is now 355pm from its original noon departure. My disappointment is I have lost my late afternoon into what I hope will still be a relaxing evening.

Is this normal for Ryan Air?

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It’s very normal now for all airlines, and they can change the time yet again.

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I think it is just a sign of the times. I have flown Ryanair many times, never recall a schedule change, I mean with Delta it seems like a weekly email moving a time in or out anywhere from a few minutes to hours.

I hope you took the "Plus" option they offer and not the rock bottom fare though.

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I took the plus option.

The day before I’ll have time to reschedule it if there is an earlier departure seat open. I purposefully avoided booking extremely early departure as I wanted more time in the morning the day the tour ends.

It’s my first experience with Ryan Air. I know I have to check my one piece of luggage as it doesn’t t meet their carryon requirements.

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At least Ryan uses FCO for Rome. They tend to use cheaper secondary airports. I'd also note that you are flying from Southern Italy, where all decisions are ... tentative. I mean, sometimes, it's not just the airline's decision.

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It has nothing to do with Ryanair! Happens to airlines these days. How far off in the future is your flight?

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When we flew RyanAir to Rome we landed at CIA( Ciampino) much closer to the city. These changes have nothing to do with RyanAir rather system wide through all airlines.