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Hotel Sonya-Rome

We were very unhappy with our experience at the Hotel Sonya and we do not recommend it. One reason we chose it was the “elevator” since my husband has a bad back. We were dismayed to find 6 steps up to the hotel. Upon our arrival, we climbed those and were told our room was not there but a long block away at another hotel. Down the steps, off to the Hotel Opera where there were more steps and a smelly reception area.

Our room was ok but dark because the metal slats would not open so no view. Breakfast was pleasant with good coffee.

The worst part about the whole thing was the RESERVATION SCAM. They said we had booked 2 rooms and they charged us for 2 rooms. We never intended to have 2 rooms. It was non negotiable because they had my credit card. We asked to speak to a manager/supervisor since we knew the young clerk had no authority but no one was ever available to speak to us. We were told they would not be able to rent the room but they were so full we didn’t even get a room in the hotel we reserved with.

The same scam happened to our friends in Bruges last month. Two couples were charged for 2 rooms instead of 2 nights as requested. It happened to us on the last night of a wonderful 2 week vacation. We are trying to let it go.

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I was shunted to the Hotel Opera last year, with no problems. It is sort of a "bait and switch."

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Have you contacted your credit card company to dispute the charge? Worth a try.

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I'm sorry to hear about the experience that you had at the Hotel Sonya. We had an enjoyable stay there this past September. We were with a RS tour and I don't know if that made a difference or not, but we found the staff helpful, the room comfortable, the elevator although small, it worked well, and the breakfast was enjoyable.

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What did the hotel say when you showed them your email confirmation for one room? I doubt if it was a scam, simply an error on someone's part. Over the years we have had a couple of reservation mis-understanding both US and Europe but the hotel confirmation always rules. If you didn't have the confirmation with you, have it ready for the credit card if you dispute the charge. They will need some prove that you are correct.

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This happened to me at Hotel Sonya in March, 2015. We were rushed over to the Hotel Opera as well, but I refused the room and showed them not only my hotel confirmation but additional email correspondence with the hotel confirming that we had a room with three twin beds at Hotel Sonya. After quite a bit of reluctance on their part, they put us in to a smaller room than what we had reserved back at Hotel Sonya and added a 3rd twin bed. We decided just to go ahead and keep that room for the entire three night stay there. They have a really great breakfast buffet included in the price at Hotel Sonya, but I would be very hesitant in ever booking there again. Since this seems to be an ongoing issue (bait and switch on the room and the hotel itself), I don't think it is just a fluke. I wrote a Tripadvisor review of the hotel shortly after I returned from my trip.

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Stayed there 2 1/2 years ago. No problems at checkin/checkout. Loved the elevator. Room small but worked for us. Convenient to lots of places, trains, buses etc. Soccer tickets at Olympic Stadium can be purchased around the corner, referenced to us by a local waiter! Breakfast excellent! Our Vatican Tour driver picked us up at the front door early on Saturday. At an early checkout on a Sunday we were able to leave our bags in the backroom for a few hours for last minute sightseeing and shopping.

Maybe they changed hands but we enjoyed our stay.

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I also had reservations for Hotel Sonya and was taken to the Hotel Opera Room. I can't say I really room was tiny but it worked since it was so convenient to everything. The staff was amazing! I'm sorry you had an issue with them because my experience was just the opposite.