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Football tickets for Rome

We are thinking of going to the football ( soccer) match in Rome on Sunday, April 2. Looking for advice as to best way to get 3 tickets, and how necessary it is to get them days ahead, or even before we leave the States? I’d rather wait til I know it won’t rain that day. Any advice appreciated.

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Sadly, looking at the Roma website, there are literally not 3 tickets in the cheap seats for this match. And the good seats are way out of our budget. But we thought about finding a fun sports bar where we might be able to watch the match with other fans. Anyone done this and ideas as to a good place? We have 13 year old with us.

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Lazio are the other Rome team but they won’t be playing at home on the same weekend as Roma. You could watch either team in a bar.

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Watching in a bar is fun. One of my favorite spots is on the main square of Zagreb (yes, I know, wrong country). We sat out there under a tent or the stars. Waitresses brought us beers. I demonstrated that I can do the "gooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaallllll" longer than pretty much anybody, even Mexican soccer announcers. Ask at your hotel, or ask a 23 YO kid on the street wearing futbol gear. Futbol is the universal pleasure of all civilized men, and some women too.