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First time in Venice with the Family


I am in the process of eliminating available lodging in Venice, but not sure which part of the city is best for our family of 5 (3 teen boys).
We are arriving (3pm) and departing (10am) by train. I am trying to keep us within a decent budget, so I want to be mindful of the water transportation costs moving through the city, eating in and out, as well as expenses for sight seeing.

If we view Venice as a rectangle, divided into unequal 4 parts: (excuse the misuse of proper division & proper names, no disrespect intended)

A) Cannaregio Region (upper West side)
B) Area West & South of Canal Grande
C) Upper North Venezia Region
D) South of Castello Region (One of them is near Giardini della Biennale)

Which area would you recommended? Why?

Thanks for your advice! Truly appreciated! As Italy is the only RS book I don't have on hand for reference. :/

Posted by TC
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From the standpoint of moving about in the city, location is unimportant as the city is fairly small and getting to anywhere from anywhere is quite easy. We like to stay away from the San Marco area because of the crowds, but good bargains can be had just six or eight blocks away. We also avoid staying on Giudecca because it is a bit of a hassle to get back to the city proper.

Personally we like to stay in the Rialto area at Pensione Guerrato. It's far enough away from the bridge itself to avoid the crowds, but the area between there and P. Roma seems to be fairly authentic and not touristy.

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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Like they said, Venice is relatively small and location is less iportant there.
The cheaper part of town would be close to the train station.

Posted by JS
Bay Area
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If this is only for 1night then opt to stay nr train station.
Always alot cheaper lodging.

Posted by Mimi
Morrison, CO, USA
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would you please let us know where you decided? What was the deciding factor? Not sure when you are going but we always want to read a trip report with info about activities and how the hotel was received by your family.

Have a Great Trip!

PS Hubby and I like the Canarregio area the best for lodging.