Eating in Varenna

We will be staying in an apartment in Varenna for 10 days. Can anyone suggest any good restaurants that are not too expensive?

Posted by doric8
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oh, lucky you....we were there for 48 hours and I loved it. caffe Varenna and bistrot....yes, that's how they spell FABULOUS.....we were there for breakfast (bakery!) and then the second night for an early supper...the rest of the group had some toasted sandwiches that were cute and not expensive while I had a big ol salad. they have a little seating inside and some lakeside seating. also.....the place ADJACENT to the beach (just to the left while you are facing the lake) is surprisingly cheap. we had an enormous lunch there.

edited to add: there are 2 tiny grocers in town; tho all we bought was coffee and milk to drink at home.

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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I don't know what you consider "too expensive," but Osteria Quatro Pass (in Rick's book) was so good, we ate there both of our nights in Varenna.