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Eat here when in Rome - you won't be disappointed!

Nerone Chef al Viminale
Vía del Viminale, 7a-7b Rome. Tel- 06-48880737

We found this restaurant by accident after a busy night of walking and touring Rome. The food was delicious, the prices so reasonable but the service from the staff was exceptional. They were so attentive & kind and offered us lovely extra touches, like bruschetta and after dinner limoncello. My husband and I decided to go again the very next night, and were so happy we did. It was our last night of our trip and this was the perfect place and way to end a fantastic trip. Very close to the Termini train station, down the street from Hotel Sonya. (A block or two off Via Nacionale)

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Great review! Thank you! Do you think a vegetarian/vegan can eat there without any issues?

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Thanks for the review. Will be there next month and its close to our hotel. Nice.

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I hope we can take this kind of post for what it's worth, neither more nor less -- nancy was glad to have a good time twice at a place that was convenient and not pre-planned, and wanted to share it with us. Fair enough.

The post isn't claiming to be holy writ, and it probably isn't advertising --
both holy writ and advertising deserve our criticism,
but using this post to air that criticism isn't in proportion to the claim it makes in its headline -- I don't presume that the imperative "Eat here!" is one I'm obliged to follow like a command -- it's a way of saying they had a good time.

Now I get to revisit my related hobbyhorse: One of my favorites in Sevilla gets middling reviews on British (.uk) Yelp and Tripadvisor, and when I took the time to read them through, many of them said things like 'the place was mostly empty during dinner time 7pm' and 'the paella was only so-so' : these are British tourists who don't realize that 7pm is not dinnertime in Sevilla and paella is not a mudejar dish -- the restaurant is a mudejar gem. So, if you were to believe Tripadvisor, you would miss out on a special experience, because the mass averaging of unenlightened reviewers yields a rating that doesn't reflect the experience that a refined/knowledgable diner would provide.

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thank you for posting a suggestion. If you do not like the suggestion for food, don't take it. Hence the word suggestion, no need to have bickering back and forth on this type of forum.

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My sister and I also stayed at the Horel Sonya (because we were going to the Opera :-), and on our last night we ate at Nerone. Assolumente fantastico!!!!! Thank you for the recommendation!!!!!