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I was looking at the different prices for touring the Colosseum. There’s one for €129 that seems to have everything I want. At the top, there’s a mention of experienced guides, yet it says “headsets are included in the price”. That seems like a lot of money to spend, if the tourist have to have headsets instead of a live, experienced guide. Which is it?
The €129 also mentions the Forum. It lasts 4 hours. Has anyone done this tour? What exactly does it entail and is it worth it? I know the “Roma Pass” includes the Colosseum and the what do we really get for all that money?

When I looked at the June calendar for these tours, I couldn’t tell which days were available! It doesn’t tell us that the dates on the calendar which are green, still has availability. Or the dates in green are all sold out. Where in the instructions does it tell how to know when to book? (I’m not needing June...but I just wanted to find out so I can book for July!). Thanks!! 🙏

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That tour will have a live, experienced guide that has a microphone that you will be able to hear with the headset.

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chicksberry, please tell us what tour, with what company and website you're looking at? There are many companies which sell tours so it's impossible to answer your questions without knowing exactly which one you're referencing. That said, is it this one?

If so, I don't know anything about that particular company, although they have positive reviews on TripAdvisor. This company - Walks of Italy - gets very high marks from many RS posters:

What you "get" with a higher-priced tour is 1/2 a day with a knowledgeable, professional guide, smaller group sizes and overall quality experience. They also include your entry tickets and shepherding through entry points and procedures at both the Colosseum and Forum/Palatine.

The Roma Pass only acts as a general-entry ticket to the Colosseum, Forum and Palatine. You're on your own: no tour.

Yes, tour groups commonly employ headsets so that the (human) guide can use their regular speaking voice, doesn't have to shout to be heard above crowd noise, and everyone in the group can hear them no matter where they're standing. Most of the museums require use of headsets for groups above a certain number to keep noise levels down.

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Hi chicksberry, this is the All-in-One tour of the Colosseum that you are talking about:
You have a calendar on the right and the red dates are the ones with availability. On the top right corner of the small calendar there is an arrow with which you can move forward with the months and select July. Yes, this tour includes Colosseum Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, and once inside the Colosseum you visit all the levels, including underground and top tiers of the Colosseum. Headsets are included for all groups bigger than 6 or so, in order to allow the guide to speak normally and still be heard by everyone. It's a great tour and you get to see all the sections of the Flavian amphitheatre. Cheers!